Are judges on hot bench real judges?

I feel lucky.” Clearly, Acker is more than qualified to fill her seat on Hot Bench. And as for the cases featured on the show, they’re real too! “Every case that we try on our show has been filed in a court somewhere in the country,” she explained to The Grio.

What judges have been on hot bench?

Hot Bench
Directed by Karen J. Beck
Presented by Current Judge Patricia DiMango Judge Tanya Acker Judge Michael Corriero Bailiff Sonia Montejano Previous Judge Larry Bakman (2014–16) Judge Judy Sheindlin (2016) Judge Jerry Sheindlin (2016)
Narrated by Rino Romano (2014–2020) Christopher Thomas (2020–present)

Who is judge Tanya Acker?

Tanya Acker is an American civil litigator and a frequent television commentator. She serves as one of three judges on CBS Television Distribution’s syndicated court show HOT BENCH, created by Judge Judy Sheindlin. She is also a youth empowerment advocate.

Did hot bench get Cancelled 2021?

HOT BENCH, CBS Media Ventures’ Emmy-nominated court show, created by Judge Judy Sheindlin, returned for its eighth season on September 13, 2021. During the 2020-2021 season HOT BENCH was the #2 court show in syndication in homes, total viewers, women 18-49 and key adults, behind only JUDGE JUDY.

Is Judge Steve Harvey real cases?

Even though the problems on Judge Steve Harvey are real, the people who appear before “Judge” Steve are paid just to be on the show. According to the casting website for Judge Steve Harvey, participants are paid $1,000 for the use of their likeness.

Is HOT BENCH Cancelled for 2022?

No. Although CBS and TruTv have not officially made an announcement, a representative for the show has confirmed to Reality Titbit that it will be returning for its seventh season on Monday, September 14th with all new episodes. According to, the last Hot Bench episode to air was on June 22, 2020.

Do the people get paid on HOT BENCH?

Who Pays on Hot bench. If you look in the small print all the way at the end of each episode of Hot Bench, you’ll see the disclosure about payment. It says, “Monetary awards are paid from a fund maintained by the producer.”

Who is the bailiff on Hot Bench?

Sonia Montejano
Sonia Montejano, best known as “Officer Montejano,” serves as the bailiff on CBS Media Ventures’ Emmy®-nominated syndicated court show HOT BENCH, created by Judge Judy Sheindlin.

Who is judge Michael Corriero?

Michael A. Corriero is the Executive Director and Founder of the New York Center for Juvenile Justice. He served as the Executive Director of Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City from July 2008 to July 2010.

Who pays settlements on Hot Bench?

The process is speedy: They hear some 10 cases a day, and deliberation can be over in minutes. If plaintiffs prevail, the cases are paid out by the show; all litigants receive a small appearance fee. And as with every good reality show, conflict is resolved within the confines of half an hour.

Who was the judge before Michael Corriero?

Michael Corriero Hot Bench Hot Bench was created by prosecution lawyer and former Manhattan family court judge Judge Judy Sheindlin. The show made its debut in the first-run syndication on September 15, 2014.