Are NOMOS watches worth it?

Noted for its Bauhaus-inspired design, NOMOS watches are minimalist, perfectly executed and offer some of the best value around. While the brand does produce some more complicated pieces, it’s the dress watches in particular that are arguably among the best value in the world.

Is Nomos Glashutte a luxury watch?

Official NOMOS Glashütte Website | Luxury Watches Made in Germany.

Is NOMOS good brand?

They are of an extremely high quality, and exceptional style – quite on a par with the best Swiss maisons. Nomos Glashutte has been founded in 1990 in the city of Glashutte, which is very famous for its watchmaking tradition.

Are NOMOS overpriced?

No, Nomos Glashutte watches are not expensive for mechanical watches. Nomos watches look terrific and are of really high quality.

Is NOMOS a luxury watch brand?

Nomos Glashütte is a true luxury swiss watch company based in Glashutte, Germany. NOMOS was founded by Roland Schwertner in 1990. All of the watches are designed and influenced from the Bauhaus purist style and specialize in manual and self-winding in-house mechanical movements.

Are NOMOS watches durable?

Time for sports! neomatik, the new automatic standard from NOMOS Glashütte, has even more to offer. Aside from the innovative date function, these watches are robust, water resistant, and feature a metal bracelet.

Is NOMOS owned by Glashütte?

While A Lange has been owned by Richemont Group and Glashütte Original has been owned by Swatch Group since 2000, Nomos remains an independent manufacturer — one of the few true independents in the watchmaking world, and perhaps the only independent making watches at prices accessible to the general public (Patek …

Is NOMOS part of Glashütte?

Nomos Glashütte – commonly referred to simply as “Nomos” – is an independent watchmaker that’s based in the town of Glashütte, Germany. Their watches are almost entirely German-made, and they’ve won almost 140 international awards. These include awards for value, quality, and design.

Why is NOMOS popular?

The young brand, loved for its in-house movements, contemporary design and strong value, is one of the world’s most beloved watchmakers. Despite being much younger than its neighbors in Germany’s watchmaking center of Glashütte, Nomos has made a disproportionately strong impact on the watch industry.

Is NOMOS Swiss?

NOMOS Glashütte is a German watchmaking company based in Glashütte, Saxony, which specializes in artisan manual-winding and automatic mechanical watches. It was founded in January 1990, two months after the fall of the Berlin Wall, by Roland Schwertner.

Are NOMOS movements fragile?

RazorFrazer Apr 4, 2019. Let me just add in that Nomos are VERY delicate watches. Not only do they mark up and scratch easily, the parts inside don’t have the same sort of ruggedness that you may be used too.

Is NOMOS handmade?

Yes, that’s right, an in-house manufacture hand-winding movement for under $1,500. And let me also be very, very clear about the origin of Nomos Glashütte’s components: they are either made on premises, sourced in Germany, or sourced in Switzerland (such as the case and hands).