Are Sea-Doo challengers any good?

If you can’t afford the 210 Wake then the 180 Challenger SE is definitely the next best option. It has the modern lines and quality finish of Sea-Doo’s top-of-the-range models, and would prove a handsome choice for watersports, cruising, or general family fun.

What is a 1999 Sea-Doo Challenger 1800 worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $19,400 $8,440
Options (Add)
Total Price $19,400 $8,440

What engines are in Seadoos?

Rotax Engines

  • Rotax 1630 ACE – 300 engine. Horsepower: 300 hp*
  • Rotax 1630 ACE – 230 engine. Horsepower: 230 hp*
  • Rotax 1630 ACE – 170 engine. Horsepower: 170 hp*
  • Rotax 1630 ACE – 130 engine. Horsepower: 130 hp*
  • Rotax 1630 ACE – 100 engine. Horsepower: 100 hp*
  • Rotax 900 ACE – 90 engine.
  • Rotax 900 ACE – 60 engine.

How fast does a Sea-Doo Challenger 1800 go?

48.7 mph
Its 17-foot 11-inch overall length, seven and a half foot beam and a solid weight of 1,865 lbs. help provide that stability, even when ripping through rough waters. With twin 800 Series Rotax motors wide open, we clocked a blistering top end speed of 48.7 mph at 5200 rpm and a best cruise of 25.0 mph at 3000 rpm.

How big is a Sea-Doo Challenger?

Thanks to its meticulous use of space and the ingenuity of a powerful yet compact Rotax 4-TEC engine, the Sea-Doo 180 Challenger SE offers the expansive feel of a 20-footer inside an 18-foot shell that’s small enough to fit in most garages.

How much does a Sea-Doo Challenger weigh?

1,914 lbs

Base price $25,949 (CAD)
Height on trailer N/A
Draft 0.31 m (1′)
Dry weight 868 kg (1,914 lbs)

What size engine is in a Sea-Doo?

The naturally aspirated (non-supercharged) 1630cc Rotax engine produces 130 or 170 HP, while the supercharged engine with the same displacement can jump to 230 or even 300 HP in the flagship Sea-Doo models.

Does Seadoo still make the challenger?

No, unfortunately Sea-Doo doesn’t currently make jet boats. Until 2012, Sea-Doo manufactured several popular boats like the Speedster, Sportster, and the Challenger.

Do they still make Sea Doo Challenger?

Until 2012, Sea-Doo manufactured several popular boats like the Speedster, Sportster, and the Challenger. These amazing jet boats offered 155- 430 horsepower depending on the model! But to the great regret of the fans, Sea-Doo boats are no longer in production.

How much does a Sea Doo Challenger weigh?

Do they still make Sea-Doo Challenger?