Can you drink Peptamen?

Are Peptamen® formulas only for tube feeding? Peptamen® tube-feeding formulas can also be consumed orally, but only if that is what your doctor has prescribed. Be sure to follow the instructions from your healthcare team to best understand why they have chosen either a feeding tube or oral intake for your nutrition.

What are benefits of Peptamen?

Studies in a variety of conditions show that Peptamen® formulas: Are well-tolerated and associated with improvement in diarrhoea, vomiting and abdominal pain. Promote progression to goal feeding. Are associated with superior protein repletion, weight gain and improvement in nutritional status.

Does Peptamen increase weight?

There was significantly more weight gain with Peptamen 1.5 after one month of feeding (P<0.05) Peptamen and Peptamen 1.5 were equally well tolerated. However, energy intake may be optimized with the more calorically-dense product, Peptamen 1.5, in this patient population. McClave S et al. Gastroenterology.

How do you take Peptamen?

Suggested Usage:

  1. Measure 210 ml of water and pour into clean container.
  2. Take 6 levelled scoop (approx 55g) of Peptamen Use only enclosed scoop.
  3. Gradually add powder to water and stir briskly until the powder has completely dissolved.

Who can take Peptamen?

Peptamen is 100% hydrolyzed whey protein for improved tolerance in individuals with impaired GI function. It Contains 70% of total fat as MCT for easy absorption. It Contains 40.3 g of hydrolysed whey protein/litre. PEPTAMEN is by its nature gluten free.

Does Peptamen cause diarrhea?

Cannot tolerate formulas with intact or whole protein, also known as standard formulas. Have digestive tract impairment, which may lead to diarrhea, vomiting or discomfort associated with tube feeding.

Who can take PEPTAMEN?

Does PEPTAMEN cause diarrhea?

Is Peptamen good for diabetics?

The latest research supports that Peptamen® Intense VHP provides better control of postprandial blood glucose (BG), compared to Vital® High Protein. High Protein, Low Carbohydrate, 100% Whey Based Enteral Formula is Associated with Lower Blood Glucose Response.

Is Peptamen lactose free?

Lactose and Gluten free. Suitable for oral feeding or tube feeding. Suitable as sole source of nutrition. Halal certified.

What is Peptamen 1.5 used for?

Peptamen® 1.5 with PREBIO¹™ is a nutritionally complete, calorically dense, peptide-based formula with soluble fiber designed to address the nutritional needs of people with GI dysfunction. Balanced peptide profile promotes GI absorption and tolerance. May be used for tube feeding or oral supplementation.

Is Peptamen good for diabetes?