Can you walk with Ilizarov apparatus?

Walking and weight bearing They will aim to wean you off your walking aid/s as soon as you are able (this is usually 6 to 8 weeks after the frame has been applied but is longer if you are carrying out corrections). Weight bearing is important as it stimulates the bone to heal.

Where is Ilizarov apparatus used?

The Ilizarov apparatus is a type of external fixation used in orthopedic surgery to lengthen or reshape limb bones; as a limb-sparing technique to treat complex and/or open bone fractures; and in cases of infected nonunions of bones that are not amenable with other techniques.

How long do you wear a Ilizarov apparatus?

The length of time you will need to wear your frame will likely be a minimum of 3 months. But in most cases patients must wear their frames for 6-12 months.

Why would someone have a metal cage around their leg?

This system helps provide a structural support to the limb and holds the broken bone fragments together so healing can take place over a period of time. It may be necessary to have this frame on your limb for a number of months. An Ilizarov frame is used to: help heal complex fractures (complicated broken bones)

How do I apply for Ilizarov?

Allow at least 2 cm everywhere between ring and skin.

  1. Preparation. Connect the two proximal rings with three threaded rods.
  2. Attach most proximal ring to tibia. The most proximal ring should lie 2 or more centimeters below the proximal tibial articular surface.
  3. Pearl – positioning aids.
  4. Fixation of the middle ring.

How much does Ilizarov surgery cost?

The total cost of the Ilizarov limb reconstruction averaged $59,213.71. The hospital costs and professional fees for the amputation group averaged $30,148.02 without prosthetic costs, but with the projected lifetime prosthetic costs included, averaged $403,199.18.

What is Ilizarov procedure?

The ILIZAROV treatment is a highly successful orthopedic surgical technique designed to lengthen or straighten bone and soft tissue. Additionally, the ILIZAROV technique and the innovative device can sometimes save limbs that might otherwise be amputated.

How do I uninstall Ilizarov?

In case a removal is done without anesthesia, one must remember to loosen the wire fixation bolts thus releasing wire tension prior to cutting the wire. Ensure that the limb does not drop suddenly when the last wires are cut. Remember to inject local anesthetic at the side of the olive when removing olive wires.