Did a tornado hit Covington GA?

A confirmed tornado hit Covington: Newton County saw what is so far the only tornado confirmed by the National Weather Service. People in Covington caught the funnel on video and sent in photos of the damage after the tornado swept through. The NWS said on Saturday it was an EF-1 tornado.

Where did the tornado hit in Covington Georgia?

A confirmed tornado wreaked havoc in the city of Covington, Georgia, flipping cars and and causing minor injuries as it touched down on the evening of Friday, December 31. The National Weather Service ruled that the tornado touched down at the intersection of Near Salem and Brown Bridge road.

Where did the tornado hit in Atlanta?

Tornadoes hit Newton, Carroll counties as severe storms roll across Atlanta area. The National Weather Service confirmed that tornadoes touched down Friday in Newton and Carroll counties as heavy storms blew through metro Atlanta and North Georgia.

How many tornadoes does Georgia get a year?

Tornadoes themselves are not rare in Georgia, averaging 26 per year. Having one in December is not unheard of, as the Peach State averages at least two tornadoes every single month of the year.

Has a tornado ever hit Atlanta?

ATLANTA — Many will remember the tornadoes that wreaked havoc in downtown Atlanta and across Georgia on March 14 and 15, 2008 – leaving many iconic Atlanta buildings damaged.

When was the last time Georgia had a tornado?

Although Georgia has seen a few EF-4 tornadoes, with the most recent one on April 27, 2011 in Catoosa County, the state has never recorded an EF-5 tornado. In Georgia, tornadoes are often hard to see as they are wrapped in areas of rain and hail. The hilly terrain can also limit your ability to see a tornado.

How big was the tornado that hit Georgia?

Meteorologists said the tornado was half the length of a football field wide and was on the ground less than a mile packing winds of about 80 mph. There were no reports of injuries.

Where is Tornado Alley in GA?

This alley is a triangular area stretching from a line(s) near Rome to Gainesville to Newnan and back to Rome, including the cities of Atlanta, Marietta, Canton, and Cartersville. From 1950-2006, this general area experienced over 130 confirmed tornadoes.

Where is Tornado Alley in Georgia?