Does crease in earlobe mean anything?

The crease may signal poor blood supply to the earlobes, or could be a symptom of weakening in the blood vessels. It could also be related to aging.

What are the warning signs of coronary heart disease?


  • Chest pain (angina). You may feel pressure or tightness in your chest, as if someone were standing on your chest.
  • Shortness of breath. If your heart can’t pump enough blood to meet your body’s needs, you may develop shortness of breath or extreme fatigue with activity.
  • Heart attack.

What your earlobes say about your health?

When they appear on your earlobes, they can be a sign of an underlying health issue such as coronary heart disease. Elastic tissue surrounding the blood vessels in both the ear and heart can break down and lead to a diagonal crease in the middle of the earlobe called Frank’s sign.

How do you get rid of creases in your earlobes?

With your collagen production revived, old skin on the earlobes can be replaced with younger, stronger skin to reduce wrinkles and minimize stretching. Dermal fillers are safe and effective with minor side effects, such as swelling or bruising, which typically resolve quickly.

How do I check myself for heart disease?

You can check for heart disease at home by measuring your pulse rate and your blood pressure if you have a blood pressure monitor. You can also monitor yourself for symptoms of heart disease, such as: Chest pain, pressure, discomfort, or tightness. Being short of breath.

At what age do your arteries start clogging?

“Atherosclerosis usually starts in the teens and 20s, and by the 30s we can see changes in most people,” says cardiologist Matthew Sorrentino MD, a professor at The University of Chicago Medicine. In the early stages, your heart-related screening tests, like cholesterol checks, might still come back normal.

What do your ears say about your heart?

Can earrings cause earlobe creases?

Doctors suspect that creases are merely a phenomenon of aging. Women who wear heavy earrings may develop creased earlobes.

Will bloodwork show heart problems?

Blood tests When your heart muscle has been damaged, as in a heart attack, your body releases substances in your blood. Blood tests can measure the levels of these substances and show if, and how much of, your heart has been damaged. The most common test after a heart attack checks levels of troponin in your blood.