Does Persona 3 have a manga?

Persona 3 is a manga adaption of the game Persona 3, written by Shūji Sogabe. Each volume is referred to as a “Chapitre”, which is French for Chapter. Each individual chapter is referred to as a “Piece” and given a French name. The protagonist is named Minato Arisato (有里湊).

Is Persona 3 manga finished?

The official comic of the popular game “Persona 3” is finally complete! The Persona 3 manga adaptation has been in serialization since it started in February 2007. A decade later, and the final volume will be released later this month.

How many endings does P3P have?

Both male and female protagonists have 4 choices to choose from: 1 is the default Aigis ending and 3 from the others. The male endings include Yukari, Fuuka and Mitsuru, and the female endings include Akihiko, Shinjiro, and Ken.

Is Persona 3 FES canon?

Is p3fes canon? No. Unless you are obsessed with P3P there’s no reason to think the answer is not canon.

Who made the Persona 3 manga?

Writer Shuji Sogabe
The Persona 3 manga made its debut back in February 2007, in Dengeki Maou magazine. Writer Shuji Sogabe also mentioned that the manga series will probably end in the 10th volume. The 9th volume was released just this January.

How many Persona 3 manga volumes are there?

11 volumes
As of February 2017, 11 volumes have been released.

How many Mana 3 manga volumes are there?

It first debuted in 2007, just a year after the game came out, but ran for a decade, finally ending in 2017. In that time, the Persona 3 story was told in 11 volumes.

Is there a Persona 5 manga?

The Persona 5 Manga is a manga adaption of the game Persona 5. The manga premiered just after the release of the actual game in Japan on September 22, 2016. It is currently an on-going series. It is illustrated by Murasaki Hisato.

Is SMT if canon to Persona?

Shin Megami Tensei: if… is set in the same continuity as the Persona and Devil Summoner series. According to Persona series director Katsura Hashino, if… provided the basis for the creation of the series, carrying over its high school setting and focus on adolescent troubles.

What is FeMC canon name?

@Persona_Central. P3P FeMC has officially been given the name “Kotone Shiomi” for the first time (same name as the stage show). The 1st Puzzle & Dragons x Persona collaboration also had the official protag. names, such as :Makoto Yuki:, “Yu Narukami”, and “Ren Amamiya”.