How do I fix the USS Constitution Fallout 4?

In either case, grab the Guidance Chip from a filing cabinet inside the building. Return to the ship, install the Guidance Chip, then talk with Mr Navigator. Mr Navigator then wants you to repair or replace the Poseidon Radar Transmitter. If you have INT9+ you can repair it right then and there.

Is it better to side with Ironsides or scavengers?

Ironsides will give you a nice quest reward and you get nothing worthwhile siding with the scavengers. Warning, quest related spoilers ahead. Don’t read if you want to side with the scavengers anyway. If you side with the scavengers they will betray you in the end.

Can you ride the USS Constitution Fallout 4?

The player character can ride the ship to the destination and survive by using a companion to activate the auxiliary generator in the last step of the Last Voyage of the U.S.S. Constitution.

What happens if you side with Ironsides?

If you side with Ironsides then you will gather the remaining parts and repair the ship. The scavengers will then attack just as it’s about to lift off. You’ll have to take them out, but that shouldn’t be too difficult thanks to the cannons mounted on the ship.

How do I start the USS Constitution Fallout 4?

To access the USS Constitution, navigate your way up and around the building that the ship is resting on. Work your way up the ship’s three-level hull to reach the upper deck. Once there, speak with Ironsides, the ship’s captain.

Should you help Mandy or Ironsides?

So, to answer the initial question of who to side with in Fallout 4, it is obviously up to you. Morally it probably makes more sense helping other humans, but you’ll just end up having to kill them in the end. For the most good in the world, and for your character, I’d say stick with Ironsides.

How do I get the NX 42 Guidance chip?

Locations. Located inside a file cabinet at the scavenger’s outpost, west of the USS Constitution. If siding with Ironsides, the file cabinet is marked as owned and the chip can only be stolen. If siding with the scavengers, the file cabinet is marked as unowned and the chip can freely be taken.

Where is the USS Constitution located in Fallout 4?

The USS Constitution is a point of interest Location in the central area of The Commonwealth. It is located East of Bunker Hill, and West of East Boston Police Station, across the water.

Does the USS Constitution still sail?

Today, the USS Constitution occasionally sails through Boston Harbor for special anniversaries and commemorations. The USS Constitution and its US Navy crew go underway with the assistance of tugboats as they sail down the coast to Castle Island.

Does the USS Constitution have an engine?

The Constitution was only as fast as the wind in her sails, averaging only 13 knots. Simpson, on the other hand, was powered by two General Electric gas turbine engines that generated a combined 41,000-shipboard horsepower. Constitution was a 44-gun frigate.

How do you fire a cannon in Fallout 4?

After you have completed all of the task assigned to you by the Bosun, i.e. after you fix the cables and restore power, go to the main deck and approach the ship’s side that is being attacked by scavengers. There, you find a mast with a switch on it. Activate the switch to fire cannons that weaken the enemy forces.