How do I get Kontakt for free?

KONTAKT PLAYER is a free application that runs all of our KONTAKT instruments, as well as a large number of instruments from other companies. It’s one of the elements included in the free KOMPLETE START package – download and install via Native Access.

How do I activate Kontakt 5?

You just need to activate Alicia’s Keys library in Service Center with the serial number you get after you purchase it (same for Kontakt Factory Selection). And yes, you can buy the full version of Kontakt separately.

How do I register my Native Instruments product?

Registering your Product

  1. Open Native Access and log in with your Native Instruments email and password.
  2. Click on Add a serial in the upper left corner of Native Access.
  3. Enter your serial number in the dedicated field.
  4. Confirm your serial number by clicking the blue ADD SERIAL button in the lower right:

How do I open Kontakt standalone?

To start KONTAKT PLAYER as a stand-alone application, locate the application folder labeled “Kontakt 4” on your computer and double-click “Kontakt 4.exe” (Windows) or “Kontakt 4. app” (Mac OS X).

What is Guitar Rig Factory Selection?

GUITAR RIG PLAYER AND KOMPLETE START The included FACTORY SELECTION provides a British-style tube amp and matched cabinet, plus 13 effects and tools. GUITAR RIG 6 PLAYER is also included in the free KOMPLETE START package, which can be downloaded and installed via Native Access.

What do I need for Guitar Rig?

Guitar Rig Essentials

  1. Electric Guitar. The first and most important building blocks of a great electric guitar rig are the electric guitar and the amplifier.
  2. Amplifier.
  3. Tuner.
  4. Overdrive Pedal.
  5. Distortion Pedal.
  6. Fuzz Pedal.
  7. Reverb Pedal.
  8. Delay Pedal.

How do I add VST to Kontakt?

To add Kontakt instruments to a folder just click and drag them from either the Files tab, Libraries tab, Database tab, or your operating system’s file browser and onto the Quick Load catalogue.