How do I set up grass cutter farm in Nigeria?

a colony should contain one male and three females in one Grass cutter cage. The Grasscutter pen/cage should be blocked at the back and opened at the front. Use metal material to also construct the Grasscutter cage, creating a different space for sleeping, because Grasscutters don’t like sleeping where they eat.

Is grass cutter profitable in Nigeria?

Very easy, cheap to start and maintain, grasscutter farming is said to be a highly profitable business in animal farming. It is also one of the most profitable animal husbandry businesses in Nigeria.

How many times does Grasscutter give birth in a year?

As stated earlier, grasscutter is a fast reproducing animal and starts mating about seven months after birth. It gives birth twice yearly and produces 4-7 young at a time. That means, if you have 100 females that give birth twice in a year, you would be having 900 to 1,500 in your farm within just a year.

How profitable is grass cutter farming?

Grasscutter rearing can make you at least N3 million per year if you take it seriously. Grasscutter keeping is highly profitable, more profitable than you could ever imagine. A market-ready Grasscutter is sold between N4, 000 to N5, 500. The animal reproduces very quickly and in good numbers.

How much does a grass cutter cost?

Walk-behind lawn mower brands

Ryobi $99 $599
PowerSmart $169 $400
Sun Joe $99 $749
Greenworks $107 $897

What is a grass cutter called?

A lawn mower (also known as a mower, grass cutter or lawnmower) is a machine utilizing one or more revolving blades to cut a grass surface to an even height.

How lucrative is Grasscutter farming in Nigeria?

How long does it take a Grasscutter to grow to maturity?

Sexual maturity: Male grasscutters mature in 8 months or 32 weeks and they have a minimum body weight of 2.5kg while the female grasscutters mature in 6.5 months or 26 weeks having a minimum body weight of 1.8 kg.

How many months does it take a Grasscutter to give birth?

The grasscutter delivers precocious young after 148-158days of gestation.

How many children does Grasscutter give birth to?

Although widely hunted, grasscutters can also be domesticated. They are placid animals and relatively prolific, becoming sexually mature and able to reproduce at around five to six months, and producing litters of up to twelve young.