How do you get Magnum in Code Veronica?

The magnum is found in Antarctica during Chris’s part of the game. In the room where you fill up the fire extinguisher, take the lift down and then use the extinguisher on the fire to get through the area and obtain the magnum.

What number is Code Veronica?

The word “NTC0394” is written on it. An ID Card with the Umbrella logo across it. This card key has the pass code “NTC0394” on the reverse side. You need to enter this into the Palace Hall computer terminal to unlock the north west door, allowing you to access the Palace Corridor.

Where is the Bowgun Code Veronica?

the Military Training Facility
Item Location. The Bow Gun is found in the second floor room in the Military Training Facility.

Can you get the Magnum as Claire in Code Veronica?

Location. Firstly, the Empty Extinguisher must be placed in the Item Box as Claire, then, when the player reaches the experiment underwater storage room as Chris, they can refill it to become the Extinguisher. Afterwards, it can be used at the chemical weapons storage to obtain the weapon.

How do you get a fire extinguisher in Code Veronica?

The Extinguisher can be found behind a shutter in the prison’s Guillotine square. It is guarded by two Zombies.

Is Code Veronica a spin off?

Although labeled a spin-off, it was designed as the true sequel to Resident Evil 2; the title “Resident Evil 3” was given to what was originally another spin-off game being developed in tandem for the PlayStation.

How do you beat Alexia in Code Veronica?

Five magnum rounds tend to do the trick against her. The second form is large and stationary. The most annoying part about it is that there are little bugs that attack you while you move around and shoot at Alexia.

Where is the crossbow Code Veronica?

the Military Training Center
It can be found in the Preparation room of the Military Training Center, sitting along the Pass Number Memo file next to the laptop.

Where does the Navy proof Code Veronica?

Location. The Navy proof can be found near the collapse entrance of the official residence vestibule. As Chris, it will be at the same location Claire left it before.

What do you get for beating Code Veronica?

After beating the game, Steve will be unlocked with the following loadout: Combat Knife. Infinite ammo Gold Lugar. Infinite ammo Sub Machine Gun.