How do you pass context parameters in Talend?

This tutorial uses Talend Open Studio Data Integration version 6.

  1. Create a repository context group. In the Project Repository, right-click Contexts > Create context group.
  2. Use the context variables in the Job by importing the group.
  3. Add more contexts to the Job.
  4. Use the context variables in a metadata definition.

How do you pass value from outside in Talend?


  1. Create and define the context variables in the Contexts tab:
  2. Click the Value field of each variable and set their default values, talend and 1 respectively.
  3. Configure the tFixedFlowInput component in order to generate an input data:

What are context variables and why they are used in Talend?

Context variables are the variables which can have different values in different environments. You can create a context group which can hold multiple context variables. You need not add each context variable one by one to a job, you can simply add the context group to the job.

How do you pass context from parent to child in Talend?


  1. Create a Job and name it parentJob.
  2. Add a tRunJob and a tJavaRow components on the workspace and link them with a Row > main connection.
  3. Double-click the tRunJob component to open its Basic settings view.
  4. Double-click the tJavaRow component and add the following code in the Code field:

What is context parameter in Talend?

There are 3 ways “Context” is used in Talend: Context variable: A variable which can be set either at compile time or runtime. It can be changed and allows variables which would otherwise be hardcoded to be more dynamic. Context: The environment or category of the value held by the context variable.

What is global variables in Talend?

Global Variables A Flow variable functions during the execution of a component while an After variable functions after the execution of the component. To fill up a field or expression with a variable, press Ctrl + Space to access the variable list and choose the variable to use from it.

What is tRunJob in Talend?

The Talend tRunJob Component allows you to embed one Talend Job within another so that it may be executed as a Talend SubJob. You can add a tRunJob Component from the Component Palette (Orchestration) of you can drag an existing Job from Job Designs in the Repository Browser.

How can you execute a Talend job remotely?

Go to the Run view of Talend Studio design workspace. Click the Target Exec tab in the Run view. Click the Run button of the Basic Run tab, as usual, to connect to the server and deploy then execute in one go the current Job with SSL enabled.

How many types of context variables are there in Talend?

What is global map in Talend?

Talend provides the globalMap Object where both Talend and you can store and retrieve data. This is a great place to create your global variables as well as retrieving important information about your executing Job. globalMap is my preference for storing global data that is specific to a particular Job.

What is tReplicate Talend?

The Talend Replicate or tReplicate field is to replicate or duplicate the input source data into multiple copies. So that we can perform different operations on each copy. For instance, if we have the sales data by country, you can make a copy and perform aggregations on one copy and applying filters on the other copy.

What is Talend tNormalize?

Talend tNormalize helps to normalize the denormalized data so that we can use that cleanse data for further action. This Talend tNormalize component to normalize the source data as we do in the database normalization.

How to pass context parameter value from command line in Talend?

Some times we have to pass context parameter value from commandline while executing talend job (.bat file or .sh file) which gets generated when we export job. We can make use of “ –context_param ” command in commandline to pass the context parameter values while executing talend job from command line.

How do I call a stored procedure without parameters in Talend studio?

This example shows that calling a stored procedure without parameters in Talend Studio is a fairly simple process. You need to use a txxxSP component such tOracleSP, configure the database connection parameters, and enter the stored procedure name in the SP Name field.

How do I execute a job with input parameters?

Execute the job. The following text is output to the console: The following is a function with input parameters. The function requires user_id as an input parameter and selects the corresponding name from a table called person . Here are the records of the person table used in this example:

How to pass context parameters from command line in tjava?

Here is a simple job for passing the context parameters from commandline. Place tjava component on working area, and under the component tab write a code to print the context parameter values as shown in below screen shot: