How do you read a legal citation?

Reading Legal Citations

  1. the names of the parties involved in the lawsuit.
  2. the volume number of the reporter containing the full text of the case.
  3. the abbreviated title of that case reporter.
  4. the page number on which the case begins the year the case was decided.
  5. the name of the court deciding the case (not always included)

How do you cite a Courtbook in Bluebook?

The whole citation to the court document is to be enclosed in parentheses, with the period inside the closing parenthesis!…To do this, Bluepages Rule B17 states the cite will generally include:

  1. Document name (properly abbreviated)
  2. Pinpoint cite.
  3. Date.
  4. Electronic Case Filing number from PACER (when applicable)

What does Cal App 4th mean?

App. 4th” refers to volume 107 of the fourth series of Official California Appellate Reports, which is the official reporter for California Court of Appeal opinions. Federal court citations follow the same general format.

How do I cite the Rutter Group?

Rutter: 1 Robert E. Weil et al., California Practice Guide: Civil Procedure Before Trial ΒΆ 3:487 (2017) (Volume, author, title, paragraph, and year. In practice, it’s common to include the publisher as (The Rutter Group 2017) but Bluebook R15.

What do legal citations mean?

A citation (or cite) in legal terminology is a reference to a specific legal source, such as a constitution, a statute, a reported case, a treatise, or a law review article. A standard citation includes first the volume number, then the title of the source, (usually abbreviated) and lastly, a page or section number.

What do law citations mean?

Traditionally, the citation refers to where a judgment is reported. It indicates the case name and the report series, the year and/or volume, and the page at which the report begins.

How do I cite plaintiff’s complaint?

Cite the complaint in order as complaint, case name, federal supplement, court, date and filing number. For example: Complaint at 39, Peter v. Paul, 287 F.

Do you italicize case names in footnotes?

Case names appearing in footnotes should be italicized when they are grammatically part of the sentence. When cases are parts of citation clauses in footnotes, they should not be italicized. Any other authority in a footnote should use the typeface convention for a full or short citation.

What does SW mean in court?

Regional Reporters:

Reporter Abbreviation(s) Name of Reporter States Covered
So., So. 2d, So. 3d Southern Reporter (first, second, and third series) AL, FL, LA, MS
S.W., S.W.2d, S.W.3d South Western Reporter (first, second, and third series) AR, KY, MO, TN, TX

What does APG mean in court?

Agricultural Produce Grading Act
Abbr. provincial act description

Abbreviation Act name
APG Agricultural Produce Grading Act
APP Apprenticeship Act
AQR Aquaculture Regulation
ARA Agrologists Act

How do you cite Blackstone?

Citation Data

  1. MLA. Blackstone, William, 1723-1780. The Commentaries of Sir William Blackstone, Knight, on the Laws and Constitution of England.
  2. APA. Blackstone, William, 1723-1780. ( 2009).
  3. Chicago. Blackstone, William, 1723-1780. The Commentaries of Sir William Blackstone, Knight, on the Laws and Constitution of England.

What does police citation mean?

A citation is a written or electronic order issued by a law enforcement officer or other authorized official. Instead of an arrest or continued detention, the citation releases the person on the promise to appear in court (or another government office) or pay a fine.