How do you use Epicaricacy in a sentence?

Ans: According to Merriam Webster, Epicaricacy (noun) means deriving pleasure from the misfortunes of others. It can be used in a sentence such as: ‘When the boastful braggart was defenestrated by his club, my epicaricacy knew no bounds’. Epicaricacy is often said to be the English for the German word ‘Schadenfreude’.

What is the word for someone who enjoys others misfortune?

Schadenfreude is a combination of the German nouns Schaden, meaning “damage” or “harm,” and Freude, meaning “joy.” So it makes sense that schadenfreude means joy over some harm or misfortune suffered by another.

What is the opposite of Epicaricacy?

Noun. Opposite of malicious enjoyment derived from observing someone else’s misfortune. mitgefühl. mudita. compassion.

What are some synonyms for schadenfreude?

Schadenfreude Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for schadenfreude?

glee joy
happiness delight
merriment mirth
gaiety cheer
gladness elation

How is schadenfreude used in a sentence?

Its failure to find favour with a publisher will no doubt excite schadenfreude in a few hearts. Its failure to find favour with a publisher will no doubt excite schadenfreude in a few hearts. The schadenfreude generated by a clergyman’s son who goes off the rails is massive indeed.

What does Obstropolous mean?

adjective. noisy or rough, esp in resisting restraint or control. Also (dialect, jocular): obstropalous, obstropulous. Collins English Dictionary. Copyright © HarperCollins Publishers.

Why do I enjoy watching others suffer?

It is the pleasure associated with seeing a “bad” person being harmed or receiving retribution. Schadenfreude is experienced here because it makes people feel that fairness has been restored for a previously un-punished wrong, and is a type of moral emotion.

How do you deal with schadenfreude?

Schadenfreude goes both ways First, don’t point it out; that’s just mean. It’s one thing acknowledging your own shabby Schadenfreude, quite another to embarrass other people. But admit yours straight back if they’ve been brave enough to admit theirs. Finally, feel smug (but not too smug).