How many NHL goalies have scored?

twelve goaltenders
There have been twelve goaltenders who have scored a goal in a National Hockey League (NHL) game. The most recent to do so was Pekka Rinne in 2020.

Are there any Norwegians in the NHL?

Norwegians in the NHL Mats Zuccarello is considered one of the most talented if not greatest Norwegian ice hockey player of all time. Only 8 Norwegians have played in the NHL.

Who is the highest scoring goalie of NHL history?

Most Points, Career

  • Tom Barrasso. BUF, PIT, OTT, CAR, TOR, STL. 777.
  • Martin Brodeur. NJD, STL. 1,266.
  • Grant Fuhr. EDM, TOR, BUF, LAK, STL, CGY. 868.
  • Patrick Roy. MTL, COL. 1,029.
  • Mike Vernon. CGY, DET, SJS, FLA. 782.
  • John Vanbiesbrouck. NYR, FLA, PHI, NYI, NJD. 882.
  • Ed Belfour. CHI, SJS, DAL, TOR, FLA. 963.
  • Ron Hextall. PHI, QUE, NYI. 608.

How many Norwegians play in the NHL?

There are only two Norwegian players currently in the NHL (Patrick Thoresen and Ole-Kristian Tollefsen) and the current Norwegian World Championship roster has only one player with NHL experience (defenseman Anders Myrvold).

What NHL goalie scored a goal?

Though Billy Smith of the New York Islanders is the first NHL goalie to be credited with scoring a goal when the Colorado Rockies backpass the puck into their own net during a delayed penalty on Nov. 28, 1979, Hextall is the first to score by shooting the puck into the net.

Who is the best Norwegian hockey player?

Mats Zuccarello
Norwegian NHL Players ‑ All-Time Stats

per 60 Power-Play
Rk Name PPG/60
1 Mats Zuccarello 1.095
2 Espen Knutsen 0.797
3 Patrick Thoresen 0.000

Why are there so few Norwegian hockey players?

Hockey just isn’t as popular in Norway. Norway is really mountainous. Finland and Sweden have tons of frozen lakes. One terrain produces world class skiiers, the other produces world class hockey players.

Who is the goalkeeper that scored most goals?

Rogério Ceni
Records. The record for most goals is held by the Brazilian Rogério Ceni, with 131 goals.

Did Patrick Roy ever score a goal?

Patrick Roy didn’t score any goals in his career.

Has any NHL goalie scored a goal?

On December 8th, 1987, former Philadelphia Flyers goaltender Ron Hextall was the first goalie in NHL history to score a goal from an actual shot on goal. Nine different goalies have combined to score 11 NHL goals. Ron Hextall and Martin Brodeur are the only two who have accomplished the rare feat twice.

Who was the first goalie to score?

1987: Ron Hextall of the Philadelphia Flyers becomes the first goalie in NHL history to score a goal by shooting the puck into the net.

Who was the best NHL goalie of all time?

The top 5 goalies of all-time

  1. Patrick Roy.
  2. Martin Brodeur.
  3. Terry Sawchuk.
  4. Jacques Plante. His numbers are right up there with the best.
  5. Glen Hall. Glenn Hall won 406 NHL games, taking Calder, Vezina, and Conn Smythe trophies along the way to go with two Stanley Cups as a player. (

Who was the last goalie to score a goal in the NHL?

Pekka Rinne added his name to the list of goalies who have scored a goal in an NHL game Thursday when he shot the puck from behind his own goal line into an empty net to cap the Nashville Predators’ 5-2 win against the Chicago Blackhawks at United Center.

Who was the first goalie to score in the NHL?

Billy Smith
Billy Smith of the New York Islanders became the first goaltender to score an NHL goal on November 28, 1979, when he was given credit following an own goal by the Colorado Rockies. Ron Hextall of the Philadelphia Flyers became the second goalkeeper to score, and the first to score by taking a shot.

Who is the oldest active NHL goalie?

Craig Anderson is the oldest goalie this season. He is 40 years old.

Marc-Andre Fleury 2021-22 38
Brian Elliott 2021-22 36
Thomas Greiss 2021-22 36
Jaroslav Halak 2021-22 36