How many times has Sudesh won Comedy Circus?

Afterwards, Lehri played in the show Comedy Circus as a contestant partnering with Krushna Abhishek. Together, they won three seasons and quickly garnered popularity as “Krushna-Sudesh”….

Sudesh Lehri
Notable works and roles Comedy Circus Comedy Nights Bachao

Where is Sudesh Lehri now?

Born in Jalandhar and lived in Amritsar, stand-up comedian and actor Sudesh Lehri now lives in a fancy 4 bedroom luxurious house in the heart of Mumbai. But his journey hasn’t been easy. Having been part of many comedy shows, winning titles and awards, Sudesh is now a part of The Kapil Sharma Show family.

How many times Krushna Abhishek won Comedy Circus?

He has just won the current season of Comedy Circus thereby winning five seasons of the show in a row. But with every victory, Kapil has earned as many detractors as fans. And now, his latest victory seems to have become a bone of contention.

What is Sudesh Lehri salary?

Sudesh Lehri’s monthly income is more than 25 Lakh rupees. The majority of his wealth comes from the movies and Tv shows, Sudesh Lehri’s per-episode salary is 6 to 7 Lakh rupees. Apart from the shows, he is also a film actor for which Sudesh charges 2 Crore per film.

Who won most seasons of Comedy Circus?

Season summary

Year Season Winners
2011 Comedy Circus Ke Taansen Kapil Sharma Ali Asgar
2011 Comedy Circus Ka Naya Daur Kapil Sharma Shweta Tiwari
2011–2012 Kahani Comedy Circus Ki Kapil Sharma Sumona Chakravarti and Krishna Abhishek Sudesh Lehri
2012–2013 Comedy Circus Ke Ajoobe Krishna Abhishek Sudesh Lehri Siddharth Sagar

What is the age of Sudesh Lehri?

53 years (October 27, 1968)Sudesh Lehri / Age

Where can I watch Comedy Circus All Seasons?

Catch Comedy Circus Ka Naya Daur and Comedy Circus Ka Naya Daur all episodes only on MX Player.

How old is Krushna Abhishek?

38 years (May 30, 1983)Krushna Abhishek / Age

Who won Comedy Circus 2018?

The winners of this show were Swapnil Joshi and VIP . A new season of the show has started on 15 September 2018. This was a comeback for the comedy circus franchise. Aired on 15 September 2018, this season had new talent, new styles of comedy and new ways of scoring.

How many daughters does Sudesh Lehri have?

Sudesh Lehri age height parents wife children biography

Affairs/Girlfriend-Wife/Spouse Children
Affairs/Girlfriend-yet to be upload Wife/Spouse-Mamta Lehri Sons-1 name Not Known ज्ञात नहीं है Daughter– 1 name yet to be upload

Is Krushna Abhishek married?

Kashmera ShahKrushna Abhishek / Spouse (m. 2013)