How many units can I take UC Davis?

Starting in the spring term, all completed UC Davis units and accepted transfer credit will be used when assigning registration appointment times. Undergraduate students can enroll in up to 17 units during Pass One, 19 units during Pass Two, and 28.5 units during Schedule Adjustment.

How many units is considered full-time UC Davis?

12 units
To be considered a full-time graduate student, students must enroll in at least 12 units each quarter, but not more than 16 without approval of your graduate program.

Is CSUN a party school?

CSUN is not much of a party school nor is it a school that is consistantly focused around football, simply because there is no football team.

How many units do you need to graduate from UC Davis?

180 quarter units
A minimum of 180 quarter units are required for graduation. A maximum of 12 units of Internship Courses (92, 192, or a combination) may be counted toward the 180-unit bachelor’s degree requirement.

What are workload units?

A workload unit is defined as one faculty lecture hour. One faculty lecture hour is 16 instructional contact hours. One instructional contact hour is equal to 50 minutes. 2. Classes have defined semester credit hours, lecture hours, and lab units as applicable which are identified in the eCatalog.

Whats the unit cap at UC Davis?

Registration Beyond the 225-unit Limit. A hold will be placed on a student’s record when they reach 200 total units, requiring submission of an academic plan to verify the degree can be completed within the 225-unit cap.

How many units UC Davis per year?

To meet minimum progress, a full-time regular undergraduate student is required to maintain an average of at least 12 units passed over all quarters of enrollment. Only full-time quarters are considered. Detailed information on the minimum progress requirement can be found at

How many units can you take in summer UC Davis?

Students can enroll in a maximum of 15 units per session.