How much does it cost to eat at Le Jules Verne?

For lunch, guests will be able to savor a 3-course menu (105 euros per person, excluding beverages). For dinner, guests will be able to choose between a 5-course and a 7-course tasting menu (190 and 230 euros respectively per person excluding beverages). To learn more and make a reservation, click here.

How much is it to eat at the Eiffel Tower restaurant?

Eiffel Tower restaurant prices On average, a meal at 58 Tour Eiffel will cost you 75 Euros per person. At Le Jules Verne restaurant, an a la carte lunch costs 135 Euros, and the 5-course tasting menu is priced at 190 Euros while a 7-course tasting menu is available for 230 Euros.

Do you tip at Jules Verne?

Service charges are built into the bill but you can always give more if you are impressed with service. It might be non smoke in all of Paris now. Regarding tipp, I always pay tipp also in Jules Vernes. If the dinner is à 700 NOK I’ll pay 100 NOK in tipp.

Does the Statue of Liberty have a restaurant?

Crown Café, the restaurant at the Statue of Liberty, serves classic American favorites, like cheeseburgers and hot dogs, as well as seafood (appropriate, considering the location), including fish and chips, lobster rolls and fried shrimp.

What is Le Jules Verne famous for?

Le Jules Verne – The Eiffel Tower Hosts One Of The Best Restaurants In Paris. Sometimes change is good, even at an historic monument. The renovation and reopening of Le Jules Verne restaurant on the second level of the Eiffel Tower was one of our top highlights of the year.

Who owns Jules Verne?

chef Frédéric Anton
History. Since 2019, Le Jule Verne’s cuisine has been led by chef Frédéric Anton, who succeeded Louis Grondard (1983), Alain Reix (1992) and Alain Ducasse (2007). All these chefs were awarded a Michelin Guide star in the restaurant.

Is there a dress code for the Eiffel Tower Restaurant?

As anywhere in Vegas the dress code is pretty lax but the Eiffel tower restaurant is upscale so you may want dress a little better if you are going for dinner but lunch, be comfortable. over a year ago. over a year ago. Dressy casual, although we saw some slobs there.

How many floors does the Eiffel Tower have?

3Eiffel Tower / Floors