How much does it cost to refurbish a saxophone?

Saxophone Repair Services

Service Plans description Alto/Soprano cost
Play Condition 4 Playing Condition Repairs & Adjustments Up to 15 Pads Replaced $375.00
Comprehensive Repad Playing Condition Repairs & Adjustments All Pads, Corks, & Felts Replaced-Includes Cleaning; $600.00 +$75.00 polish nickel/silver keys

How much does it cost to Repad a saxophone?

Saxophone Repair

SAXOPHONES Average for Playing Condition *Repad
Student B Flat Soprano $80.00 $490.00
E Flat Alto $80.00 $490.00
B Flat Tenor/ C Melody $90.00 $500.00
E Flat Baritone** $125.00 $630.00

When should saxophone pads be replaced?

Saxophone pads need to be replaced when they become so worn that they leak. With proper saxophone care, this can be less than once every ten years. The life of saxophone pads can be extended by thoroughly swabbing out your instrument each time you practice and properly cleaning sticky pads.

Can a saxophone be tuned?

When playing a saxophone, whether in a small ensemble, full band, or even solo, tuning is very important. Good tuning makes for a clear, beautiful sound, and it is essential for every player to know how to tune and adjust their instrument.

How do you make an old saxophone look new?

You can always look in the tube and bell to see how clean they are. If you do want to clean the sax (and not play on it) you can always emerge it in a vinegar/water bath. Just as for cleaning the neck. Rinse with water and use a cloth with some water and soap to finish it.

Can saxophones go out of tune?

Step 1: Warm up the Saxophone This is the case for all instruments, not just the saxophone and the general rule is that as an instrument gets bigger, its pitch gets lower. This is why we need to warm up first as if we tune it up and then start playing, the saxophone will become warm, expand and then go out of tune.

How often should a saxophone be serviced?

After practising & performing – moisture removal. Monthly maintenance. Six-monthly servicing.

How do you sterilize a saxophone?

For any plastic mouthpieces like beginner clarinet and saxophone, we’d recommend using steri-spray, since alcohol can make a plastic brittle or discolor. Spray down the entire mouthpiece and let it air dry. Then rinse it off with water.