How Much Does plasma pay Las Vegas?

CSL Plasma in Las Vegas, NV Area Salaries

Job Title Location Salary
Phlebotomist salaries – 5 salaries reported Las Vegas, NV Area $15/hr
Donor Support Technician salaries – 2 salaries reported Las Vegas, NV Area $12/hr
Receptionist/Phlebotomist salaries – 2 salaries reported Las Vegas, NV Area $14/hr

What plasma center pays the most?

If we go strictly by the base pay for donations, Biotest Plasma pays the most (up to $365 per month). Other centers are below this range, but none are lower than $270. However, the potential earning capacity at CSL Plasma is much higher, with the other centers coming somewhere between these two.

What are the requirements to donate plasma in Las Vegas?

Donation requirements

  • Must be 18 years of age.
  • Weigh at least 110 lbs and be in generally good health.
  • Bring a valid photo I.D. and proof of address.

What does Octapharma plasma pay?

Every month, Octapharma Plasma has a New Donor Promotion in which Octapharma Plasma pays $50 each donation for the first five visits (regardless of weight). So if you donate twice per week, you will earn $250 after just 2.5 weeks!

How can I make quick money in Vegas?

10 Best Way to Make Money in Vegas in 2021

  1. #1. Gambling In Casinos.
  2. #2. Learning How To Play Poker.
  3. #3. Pawn Something.
  4. #4. Be A City Guide Writer.
  5. #5. Rideshare.
  6. #6. Host A Guest.
  7. #7. Deliver Food.
  8. #8. Be A Fashion Consultant.

Can donating plasma make you gain weight?

As far as side effects are concerned, there are some reported short-term side effects, but there isn’t any noted association between plasma donation and weight gain. Interestingly though, there is some evidence to suggest that some people may benefit from plasma donation (more on that in a bit).

Does Octapharma Plasma have an app?

Download the OctaApp for easy access to your plasma donation info. Donate today!