How much is a 3 ton Pittsburgh floor jack worth?

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This item Pittsburgh Automotive 3 Ton Heavy Duty Ultra Low Profile Steel Floor Jack with Rapid Pump Quick Lift
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Customer Rating 4.7 out of 5 stars (1271)
Price $24995

How much does a 3 ton Pittsburgh jack weigh?

78.0 pounds
Specifications for this item

Brand Name Pittsburgh Automotive
Item Weight 78.0 pounds
Load Capacity 3.0 tons
Material Alloy Steel
Maximum Lifting Height 18.25 inches inches

Are Pittsburgh jacks any good?

The Pittsburgh 3 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack is ideal for homeowners who occasionally need to do some automotive work. It’s a Harbor Freight product, so we wouldn’t recommend it for continuous, heavy use. But for a few lifts a year, it’s a great choice.

What brand floor jack does Nascar use?

Since its debut in the 1995 racing season, the Pit BossĀ® has proven its reliability in the winning circles of NASCAR and Open Wheel racing. The first Pit Boss jack was created out of necessity when company founder John Bickford sought a better pit stop jack for his stepson Jeff Gordon and his Hendrick Motorsports team.

How heavy is a 3 ton floor jack?

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Material Alloy Steel
Load Capacity 3 tons
Brand Aain
Color Blue
Item Weight 65 Pounds

Are Harbor Freight Jacks safe?

The jack stands may collapse under load, which can increase the risk of injury to people near or under a lifted vehicle. Owners of these jack stands are asked to immediately discontinue use due to safety concerns. Injuries have been reported due to this issue.

Do I need a 3 ton jack?

But do you really need that much capacity? Most Pro users can get away with 2.5-ton machines, but repair shops usually opt for at least 3 tons to cover all the bases. The tradeoff with a higher capacity jack is slower action and heavier weight.

What is a pit jack?

Pit jacks are used for lifting up tramway cars by the bogies for accessibility of the axles for maintenance and adjustment of the car body.

How do they jack up Indy cars?

There are two jacks up front and one in the rear. By connecting a pressurized nitrogen hose to a port located behind the driver, the pit crew can jack the car up in less than a second when the car stops in the pit.

Why is my floor jack not lifting?

If the jack does not lift the load or begins to lower after it’s lifted, check the tightness of the release valve. If the tightness of the handle and release valve is correct and then the jack still performs the same way, either a hydraulic malfunction has taken place on the jack or you’re overloading the jack.