How much is an original Noguchi coffee table?

An original noguchi table can differ in price owing to various characteristics — the average selling price 1stDibs is $2,598, while the lowest priced sells for $1,450 and the highest can go for as much as $11,000.

How can you tell if a Noguchi table is real?

To signify its authenticity, each Noguchi coffee table is etched with his signature on the table’s edge and base.

  1. An iconic piece for homes and offices since 1948.
  2. Instantly recognizable sculptural base and organically shaped top.
  3. Holds a registered trademark for its unique configuration.

How big is the Noguchi coffee table?

The Noguchi Table has a height of 15.75” (40 cm), length of 50” (127 cm), and width of 36” (91.4 cm). The Noguchi Table is an iconic sculptural table made up of two organically shaped interlocking solid wood supports holding a glass tabletop.

What is the color of original Noguchi table?

This classic table authorized by the Isamu Noguchi Foundation was originally created in 1944. The brilliantly simple design consists of only three elements, the glass top and two interlocking wood base pieces.

Where is the Noguchi coffee table made?

The table’s production in Europe dates to when the Vitra Design Museum reissued it in 2002. The Vitra Design Museum belongs to the contemporary furniture manufacturer Vitra, based in Birsfelden, Switzerland. The base of the Noguchi coffee table is made??of lacquered solid wood ash, walnut or maple.

How do you authenticate an Isamu Noguchi?

To assure authenticity, the signature of Isamu Noguchi discreetly appears on the edge of the top and on a medallion on the underside of the base; under the medallion, his initials are stamped into the base. Noguchi’s coffee table consists of three pieces.

Who made the Noguchi table?

Herman Miller
The Noguchi table is a piece of modernist furniture first produced in the mid-20th century. Introduced by Herman Miller in 1947, it was designed in the United States by Japanese American artist and industrial designer Isamu Noguchi.

Who invented the Noguchi table?

Isamu Noguchi
The first model for this Vitra classic was designed by Isamu Noguchi in the 1930s for the President of the Museum of Modern Art in New York – albeit with a base of interconnected columns. Noguchi revised this design in 1944, whereupon the Noguchi Coffee Table was created.

Who designed the Noguchi table?

Introduced by Herman Miller in 1947, it was designed in the United States by Japanese American artist and industrial designer Isamu Noguchi. The Noguchi table comprises a wooden base composed of two identical curved wood pieces, and a heavy plate glass top.

Why is Isamu Noguchi famous?

Isamu Noguchi (1904–1988) was one of the twentieth century’s most important and critically acclaimed sculptors. Through a lifetime of artistic experimentation, he created sculptures, gardens, furniture and lighting designs, ceramics, architecture, and set designs.

Was Isamu Noguchi married?

Yoshiko YamaguchiIsamu Noguchi / Spouse (m. 1951–1955)

What does the name Isamu mean?

Isamu can be written using different kanji characters and can mean: 勇, “courage” or “bravery” 勲, “merit” 敢, “gallantry”