How much ventilation does a pigeon loft need?

It is true that a window or two helps. In fact the windows are necessary, but heir main purpose of the windows should be to allow light to enter the loft. When the weather is nasty, those windows should be closed. It they are not, rain or snow will enter the loft and will dampen the floor and droppings.

How big does a pigeon loft need to be?

An ideal loft would consist of two or three com partments, four feet wide, eight feet deep and as high as you can reach, but not over 634 feet.

What direction should a pigeon loft face?

The best direction is to face it to the south. This will allow you to capture as much of the sunlight as you can in the winter months and when the sun moves north in the summer, you will have the cool shade back again. This will also allow you to keep the backside of your loft to the cold north winds.

What does a pigeon loft need?

A good loft must simply: Provide enough space for the number of pigeons kept. Provide protection from the elements, birds of prey and other predators. Allow for stable day and night temperatures.

What is Pigeon vent?

When holding a bird in the hand, move your fingertips along the keel bone towards the tail until you reach the end of the you carry on moving you will find two soft, fleshy bones arranged in a ā€œVā€-shape ā€“ these are the vent bones.

What is the best flooring for a pigeon loft?

The Natural Granulated Floorcovering is harmless to pigeons. It is the ideal formula to keep your loft dry and clean. Young birds love to lay down in Natural Granulated Floorcovering. Their droppings dry quickly and their feet are always clean.

Where is a pigeons vent?

Why do pigeons turn in circles?

Pigeons fly in circles to work out where they are and to get themselves orientated. Pigeons can detect the electronic pulses from the earth’s magnetic field, flying in circles allows them to use these pulses to get themselves orientated and work out which way home is.

How do you keep pigeon lofts clean?

Always spray Viraclean in Pigeon house and clean their pots with Viracean for preventing disease and making Pigeon house anti-bacterial. Adjustable louvers can be fitted at strategic positions so that the airflow and loft temperatures can be manipulated as the weather changes. Keep the loft dry at all times.