How old was old Mr Grace in Are You Being Served?

Young Mr Grace’s age was a mystery. In 1976, it was said he was 80, yet in 1977, it was said he was born in 1897, and his 80th birthday was celebrated in that episode. In 1978, it was said that it was his 80th birthday then. Old Mr Grace was born in 1891, and celebrated his 90th birthday in 1981.

Who played Old Mr Grace?

Kenneth WallerOld Mr. Grace / Played byKenneth Waller was an English actor. He was known for portraying Grandad in Bread and Old Mr. Grace in Are You Being Served? Wikipedia

How old is Harold Bennett?

82 years (1898–1981)Harold Bennett / Age at death

Who is Harold Bennett?

Harold Bennett was born on November 17, 1898 in Hastings, East Sussex, England. He was an actor, known for Are You Being Served? (1972), Are You Being Served? (1977) and Clayhanger (1976). He died on September 15, 1981 in London, England.

Why did Mr Lucas leave Grace Brothers?

But I can reveal that one of the main characters from Are You Being Served? has been left out of the remake over claims he was “too lecherous”. Womanising menswear salesman Mr Lucas — who continually sexually harassed Miss Brahms — has been replaced by a new character.

Is anyone still alive from Are You Being Served?

Nicholas Smith, the actor who played store manager Mr Rumbold in the BBC sitcom Are You Being Served?, has died aged 81. He had been the last surviving member of the original cast. “It is with great sadness we can confirm that our client passed away yesterday,” his agents at Michelle Braidman Associates said.

Who took over from Mr Grainger in Are You Being Served?

However, he died just two months after his wife, on 28 May 1978, in Folkestone. Croft decided not to have another actor take over the part of Mr Grainger, so his character in Are You Being Served? was replaced by Mr Tebbs, played by James Hayter.

What was Mr Humphries first name?

Wilberforce Claybourne Humphries
Wilberforce Claybourne Humphries, born 1938/9, is the junior menswear assistant. His ambiguous sexuality is used as a catalyst for many comedic situations and one-liners. Mr.

Why did Trevor Bannister leave?

Bannister did not appear in the final three series, pulling out in 1980 after the BBC refused to change the programme’s recording day to allow him to continue in a long-running stage tour.