Is ethyl acetoacetate soluble in water?

Ethyl acetoacetate

Density 1.021 g/cm3, liquid
Melting point −45 °C (−49 °F; 228 K)
Boiling point 180.8 °C (357.4 °F; 453.9 K)
Solubility in water 2.86 g/100 ml (20 °C)

What is the formula of ethyl acetoacetate?

C6H10O3Ethyl acetoacetate / Formula

Is acetoacetate soluble?

Acetoacetate, also known as acetoacetic acid or oxobutyrate, belongs to short-chain keto acids and derivatives class of compounds. Those are keto acids with an alkyl chain the contains less than 6 carbon atoms. Acetoacetate is soluble (in water) and a weakly acidic compound (based on its pKa).

When ethyl acetoacetate is heated with urea then the product will be?

(9) Synthesis of 4-Methyl Uracil, Ethyl acetoacetate (in its enol form) reacts with urea in the presence of phosphoryl chloride to give 4-methyl uracil.

Is ethyl acetoacetate polar?

Ethyl acetate is a polar compound due to the two highly electronegative oxygen atoms on the carbonyl and ethyl groups: There are two dipole moments on the molecule (pardon my bad drawing) as shown.

What is ethyl acetoacetate used for?

Answer: Ethyl Acetoacetate is widely used as an intermediate source for the synthesis of different types of organic chemical compounds in laboratories. Industrially this compound is used for the production of various synthetic dyes and drugs. It is also used in the production of lacquers and paints industrially.

How is crotonic acid prepared from ethyl acetoacetate?

Crotonic acid, so named from the fact that it was erroneously supposed to be a saponification product of croton oil, may be prepared by the oxidation of croton-aldehyde, CH3CH:CHCHO, obtained by dehydrating aldol, or by treating acetylene successively with sulphuric acid and water; by boiling allyl cyanide with caustic …

Is ethyl polar or nonpolar?

Diethyl ether has a very low dielectric constant (4.33), it’s dipolar moment is 1.3 it’s slightly polaire . So it is considered as non polar solvent.

What functional group is ethyl acetoacetate?

carboxylic acid esters
Ethyl acetate, also known as 1-acetoxyethane or acetic ester, belongs to the class of organic compounds known as carboxylic acid esters. These are carboxylic acid derivatives in which the carbon atom from the carbonyl group is attached to an alkyl or an aryl moiety through an oxygen atom (forming an ester group).

How is crotonic acid prepared?

Crotonic acid converts into butyric acid by hydrogenation or by reduction with zinc and sulfuric acid. Crotonic acid adds hydrogen bromide to form 3-bromobutyric acid. The reaction with alkaline potassium permanganate solution affords 2,3-dihydroxybutyric acid.