Is Forteo available in India?

Forteo is the only biotech drug—medicines that are developed from living forms—available in India for osteoporosis treatment. It is a synthetic form of parathyroid hormone, which is naturally found in the body.

How do you use a Forteo pen?

Inject FORTEO right away after you take the delivery device out of the refrigerator. After each use, safely remove the needle, recap the delivery device, and put it back in the refrigerator right away. Inject FORTEO one time each day in your thigh or abdomen (lower stomach area).

Does Forteo use pen needles?

Wash your hands and prepare your skin using the under-the-skin (subcutaneous) injection method recommended by your health care professional. Use a new needle for each injection. Be sure the needle is firmly attached to the pen before “priming,” setting (dialing) the dose, and injecting FORTEO. Do not share your pen.

How many injections are in a Forteo pen?

Each prefilled injection pen contains enough teriparatide for 28 separate injections. Throw the pen away after 28 injections, even if there is still medicine left inside.

What is the monthly cost of Forteo?

Pay as little as $4 a month with the FORTEO Savings Card.

What is the cost of denosumab?

The list price for Prolia® is $1,434.14* ,† per treatment every six months. Most patients do not pay the list price. Your actual cost will vary. Talk to your insurance provider.

Is Forteo a safe drug?

Possible risks Like all medications, Forteo does have some risks to be aware of while taking it. The most serious risk is possible bone cancer. Your risk of this goes up the longer you use the medication, which is why you should only take it for a total of 2 years during your entire lifetime.

How effective is Forteo?

User Reviews for Forteo to treat Osteoporosis. Forteo has an average rating of 5.4 out of 10 from a total of 107 ratings for the treatment of Osteoporosis. 40% of reviewers reported a positive effect, while 39% reported a negative effect.

Is Forteo a monthly injection?

Dosage for osteoporosis Forteo is usually given once daily as a subcutaneous injection (an injection under your skin). You’ll likely inject one dose of 20 mcg once per day.

How much is Forteo monthly?

How do I order Forteo?

You can enroll your patients online or by calling 1-866-4-FORTEO (1-866-436-7836), 8 am-10 pm ET (M-F).