Is Gladstone library open today?

What are your opening times? The Reading Rooms are open to Readers from 9am-10pm, every day. Residents can work in the Reading Rooms from 8am-10pm every day. Staff are available to help all library users from 9am-5pm every day, and only the Theology Room is open outside of staffed hours.

Where is the William Gladstone library?

Gladstone’s Library is Britain’s only Prime Ministerial Library and the national memorial to the Victorian statesman, and four times Prime Minister, William Gladstone (1809–98)….

Gladstone’s Library
Location Hawarden, Flintshire, Wales
Coordinates 53.1859°N 3.0272°WCoordinates:53.1859°N 3.0272°W
Size 250,000

When was Gladstone library built?

John Douglas constructed Gladstone’s Library between 1898 and 1908 – building work began in 1899. The first sod was cut by Mrs. Catherine Gladstone and the foundation stone was laid by the Duke of Westminster.

What is a residential library?

A residential library, a house full of books where you come to stay, is a decidedly odd prospect – particularly when it is also a memorial to a prime minister.

How do you get to Gladstone’s library?

Gladstone’s Library is in the heart of Hawarden village. It is easily accessible by road, just 15 minutes’ drive from the M56 and close to the A55, A548 and A494. Satnavs should be set to travel to CH5 3DF.

Was Gladstone a Welsh?

Gladstone was born in Liverpool to Scottish parents. He first entered the House of Commons in 1832, beginning his political career as a High Tory, a grouping which became the Conservative Party under Robert Peel in 1834.

How do you get to Gladstone’s Library?

Was Gladstone a Whig?

As prime minister 1868 to 1874 Gladstone headed a Liberal Party that was a coalition of Peelites like himself, Whigs and radicals; Gladstone was now a spokesman for “peace, economy and reform.”