Is i5 3570 Ivy Bridge?

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CPU Socket Type CPU Socket Type LGA 1155
Core Name Core Name Ivy Bridge
# of Cores # of Cores Quad-Core
Operating Frequency Operating Frequency 3.4GHz (3.8GHz Turbo Boost)
DMI 5 GT/s

How many cores does the i5-3570K have?

Intel BX80637I53570K Core i5-3570K Ivy Bridge Four-Core 3.4GHz 6MB L3 Cache Socket 1155 77W Desktop Processor. Fan and heatsink are included on all retail packaged Intel processors.

Is i5-3570 good for video editing?

Honorable. The Intel Core i5 3570K is a great choice due to the fact it has HD 4000 graphics to help shorten rendering times – but find out about the application you use, maybe it’ll benefit more from having more threads, if thats the case you may want a 3770K.

Does i5 3570K have integrated graphics?

The integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000 GPU offers 16 Execution Units (EUs) clocked at 650 MHz up to 1150 MHz with Turbo Boost. For recent games, the performance is only sufficient for low resolutions and details….Intel Core i5-3570K.

Series Intel Core i5 (Desktop)
Socket 1155

Does i5-3570 have integrated graphics?

Intel i5-3570 Overview The Intel Core i5-3570 Processor has Intel HD Graphics 2500 Technology integrated into it. It also comes with Intel Clear Video HD Technology to handle high definition playback with ease.

Does i5-3570K have integrated graphics?