Is it good to work for the European Commission?

Is European Commission a good company to work for? European Commission has an overall rating of 4.1 out of 5, based on over 1,040 reviews left anonymously by employees. 91% of employees would recommend working at European Commission to a friend and 64% have a positive outlook for the business.

How much does an EU commissioner earn?

A Commissioner’s basic monthly salary is fixed at 112.5% of the top civil service grade. This works out at €22,367.04 per month. The President is paid at 138% (€27,436.90 per month), Vice-Presidents at 125% (€24,852.26 per month) and the High Representative at 130% (€25,846.35 per month).

What are the 6 priorities of the EC?

The 6 priorities

  • A European Green Deal.
  • A Europe fit for the digital age.
  • An economy that works for people.
  • A stronger Europe in the world.
  • Promoting our European way of life.
  • A new push for European democracy.

Why do you want to work for European Commission?

A chance to make a difference for Europe The EU welcomes applicants from all walks of life, so a career with the EU means working with a diverse and multicultural group of colleagues. You will have the opportunity to make the most of your language skills, too.

What do I need to study to work in the EU?

Most EU jobs will ask for a diploma or degree in a particular subject or European studies. Skills: Well-developed analytical, communication and organisational skills will set you apart from other candidates.

Are EU salaries tax free?

Salaries and allowances paid by FRA are exempt from any national taxation in all EU Member States, but subject to a European tax (deducted at source) for the benefit of the European Communities.

How much is an EU pension?

The pension equals 3.5% of the salary for each full year in office but not more than 70% in total. The cost of these pensions is met by the European Union budget.

What is the role of the EU Commission?

The European Commission is the EU’s politically independent executive arm. It is alone responsible for drawing up proposals for new European legislation, and it implements the decisions of the European Parliament and the Council of the EU.

What is the role of European Commission give examples?

Through Article 17 of the Treaty on European Union the commission has several responsibilities: to develop medium-term strategies; to draft legislation and arbitrate in the legislative process; to represent the EU in trade negotiations; to make rules and regulations, for example in competition policy; to draw up the …

What are the 6 Commission priorities for 2019 24?

There are 6 Commission priorities for 2019-24:

  • Developing an economy that works for people.
  • European Green Deal.
  • Europe fit for the digital age.
  • Stronger Europe in the world.
  • Promoting our European way of life.
  • New push for European democracy.

What is the EU focused on?

The aims of the European Union within its borders are: promote peace, its values and the well-being of its citizens. offer freedom, security and justice without internal borders, while also taking appropriate measures at its external borders to regulate asylum and immigration and prevent and combat crime.