Is Night Rod discontinued?

Many are mourning the loss of the V-Rod and Night Rod Special. Here’s the real reason why Harley-Davidson decided to discontinue the line. In 2018 Harley-Davidson killed off the Dyna, the only motorcycle in the line-up that stood out, and attracted new fans to the brand.

What is a Night Rod Special?

The Night Rod® Special is a bold, drag-inspired bike that delivers big power and performance. Pure Harley-Davidson® Styling: The blacked out styling on the big V-Twin engine delivers a unique custom look. Check out those blacked out cylinders, heads, and rocker covers.

How much does the Harley Davidson Night Rod cost?

The V-Rod Muscle® starts at $16,449 in Vivid Black, while the Night Rod® Special starts at $16,849 in Vivid Black.

What replaced the Harley Night Rod?

Softail FXDR
Harley-Davidson has replaced the spirit of the venerable V-Rod drag-strip king with the new Softail FXDR, the first Harley with clip-on handlebars.

Why was Harley Night Rod discontinued?

The Harley-Davidson V-Rod was among the most unique motorcycles in Harley’s portfolio but it faced a big hurdle: it doesn’t comply with the new Euro 4 norms. Also, the fact that sales for the bike have witnessed a drop in the past few years spurred the American bike maker to end its production run.

What are the different V-Rod models?


  • VRSCA V-Rod.
  • VRSCAW V-Rod.
  • VRSCB V-Rod.
  • VRSCD Night Rod.
  • VRSCDX Night Rod Special.
  • VRSCF V-Rod Muscle.
  • VRSCSE Screamin’ Eagle CVO V-Rod.
  • VRSCSE2 Screamin’ Eagle CVO V-Rod.

How much is a Harley V-Rod worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $17,099 $15,635
Options (Add)
Total Price $17,099 $15,635

Are v rods reliable?

The Düsseldorf Test is a rigorous endurance test that requires an engine to run for 500 hours without failure. This proved that the V-Rod was both powerful and reliable.

What year was the fastest V-Rod?

Released in 2006, the V-Rod Destroyer was the fastest accelerating Harley at the time. Getting from zero to sixty in about three and a half seconds, it’s still a competitive drag racing bike today.