Is the Opel Mokka a good car?

The Opel Mokka is a nice, small, SUV. To be fair it probably didn’t have a young family in mind when it was being designed. I can say that when it was driven without an abundance of luggage the Mokka was a very nice experience. It’s a comfortable SUV that drives well and offers superb comfort.

What car is the Vauxhall Mokka based on?

It features styling inspired by Vauxhall’s striking GT X Experimental Concept car, but under the skin it is closely related to the impressive Peugeot 2008 so it offers a range of modern petrol and diesel engines. There’s also an all-electric version – which we have reviewed separately – called the Mokka-e.

Where are Opel Mokka made?

The existing version of the Mokka X was developed by Opel when the brand was owned by General Motors. It is built in Opel’s factory in Zaragoza, Spain, after some of production was shifted in 2013 from Bupyeong, South Korea in response to strong European demand.

Are mokkas 4 wheel drive?

The beauty of the Vauxhall Mokka is that it is so versatile and suited to a wide range of lifestyles and performance needs. Thus, half of our model variants are available in both 4 wheel and rear wheel drive configurations.

Is the Opel Mokka a 4×4?

How big is Opel Mokka?

Considering it’s a crossover, the Mokka X is reasonably compact in terms of exterior dimensions. It is slightly under 4.3 metres long and 1.8 metres wide, while the kerbweight is acceptable, at around 1,500kg for 2WD models.

Is Mokka a 4×4?

Do they still make Vauxhall Mokka?

Vauxhall has confirmed it is no longer taking orders for the Mokka X, after seven years on sale and more than 200,000 examples shifted in the UK alone. Although the Nissan Juke rival is still seemingly available to configure on the brand’s website, production actually ended in June.

How often should a Vauxhall Mokka be serviced?

every 12,500 miles
The service schedule for the Mokka is every 12,500 miles or annually, whichever comes first, and Vauxhall offers individual service plans starting from £15 a month to help spread the cost of scheduled maintenance.

Wie viel kostet ein Opel Mokka?

Der Startpreis (Stand Juni 2012) des Opel Mokka liegt bei 18.990 Euro. Zum Marktstart im Herbst wird das 115 PS und 155 Nm starke Einstiegsmodell Opel Mokka 1.6 mit Vorderradantrieb angeboten.

Was ist der Unterschied zwischen einem Opel Mokka und einem Diesel?

Alternativ steht ein 1,4-Liter-Turbobenziner mit 140 PS, 200 Nm und Allradantrieb zur Wahl. Als Diesel ist ein 1.7 CDTI-Turbodiesel mit 130 PS Leistung und 300 Newtonmeter Drehmoment im Angebot des Opel Mokka. Benzin, Diesel, Alternative Antriebe

Was ist der Unterschied zwischen einem Mokka und einem Antara?

Der Name des Modells leitet sich von den Kaffeebohnen “Arabica“ ab. Der Opel Mokka rangiert unterhalb des Antara und basiert auf dem Corsa. In Großbritannien wird der SUV als Vauxhall angeboten, ab 2013 gibt es das Modell auch als Chevrolet Trax sowie in anderen Märkten als Buick Encore.