Is the War of the Buttons a true story?

Based on a 1912 French novel, La Guerre des Boutons, the film was directed by John Roberts and followed the trials of two rival gangs of youths in the fictional villages of Ballydowse and Carrickdowse. From their numerous battles, the winners got to cut the buttons from the clothes of their rivals.

What are the two rival villages called in the war of the Buttons?

It describes the “war” between two gangs from rival villages, Longeverne and Velrans, in the countryside of Franche-Comté. The author got his inspiration from the village of Landresse, where he taught for two years.

Where does La guerre des boutons take place?

1960, a village in the south of France. A gang of boys, aged 7 to 14 and led by intrepid Lebrac, is at war with the kids of the neighboring village, their sworn enemies. A merciless war that has lasted generations. They fight for honor and loyalty.

When was La Guerre des boutons written?

The original novel was first published in France in 1912. Pergaud warns in the preface, that despite its title, it’s not a story for children, because it’s an assertion that such savagery could be heroic.

What town was War of the Buttons filmed in?

The west Cork village of Union Hall is the location for David Puttnam’s latest movie ‘War of the Buttons’. Line producer David Higgins explains the plot of the film ‘War of the Buttons’ from a script by Colin Welland.

What is War of the Buttons based on?

novel La Guerre des boutons
War of the Buttons is a 1994 comedy-drama adventure film directed by John Roberts. It was written by Colin Welland and based on the French novel La Guerre des boutons, by Louis Pergaud.

Who played Marie in War of the Buttons?

Eveanna Ryan
It was one of the last movies I ever made.” Eveanna Ryan who played Marie in WOTB said it was absolutely mental to see the lads again after 25 years. “I have such vivid memories from the time.

When was War of the Buttons filmed?

Rain On Day One Of Filming In Cork 1993 The west Cork village of Union Hall is the location for David Puttnam’s latest movie ‘War of the Buttons’.

What is War of the Buttons rated?

PGWar of the Buttons / MPAA rating

Where can I watch The War of the Buttons?

You are able to stream War of the Buttons by renting or purchasing on Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, Vudu, and iTunes.

Who plays Geronimo in War of the Buttons?

John Coffey
Fergus: Gregg Fitzgerald. Geronimo: John Coffey. Geronimo’s Dad: Colm Meaney. Gorilla: Paul Batt.

Where was War of the Buttons filmed in Ireland?

Castletownsend West Cork
War Of The Buttons A light hearted film, with scenes filmed in Castletownsend West Cork, Ireland. It starred Gregg Fitzgerald, Gerard Kearney and Eveanna Ryan.