Is Trek Marlin 7 any good?

Is Trek Marlin 7 a good bike? For the money you can’t go wrong with this bike. It has a RockShox Judy fork with 100mm travel, (which is rated 2 out of 5 stars compared to all suspension forks on the market.) While it is powered by a 1 x 10 Deore, FSA groupset, (which is rated 3 out of 5 stars compared to all MTB’s).

How much is a used Trek 7200 worth?

The price of the 2001 Trek 7200 is $380. 2004 Trek 7200 price is $390. 2005 Trek 7200 price is $390.

What’s the difference between a Trek Marlin 6 and a Trek Marlin 7?

The Trek Marlin 6 and Marlin 7 are both 27.5″ / 29″ aluminium frame hardtail crosscountry bikes. The Marlin 6 has higher gearing, while the Marlin 7 has much better components, a better fork, and a bigger fork.

Can you do jumps on a Trek Marlin 7?

At least the 7 isn’t horrible but it’s NOT a bike that can handle any jumping or anything for very long. It’s a path/smoother singletrack XC type bike. Would be fine for a while but if you start doing jumps and drops youll kill the wheels and forks fairly quickly.

How many speeds is the Trek Marlin 7?

10 speed

Shifter Shimano Deore M4100, 10 speed
*Crank Size: ML , L , XL , XXL FSA Alpha Drive, 28T steel ring, Boost, 175mm length
Bottom bracket FSA, 73mm, threaded cartridge, 122.5mm spindle
Cassette Shimano Deore M4100, 11-46, 10 speed
Chain KMC X10, 10 speed

Is Trek Marlin a good frame?

Marlin Frame Set is a lightweight, versatile mountain bike frame great for building up as a fast cross-county racing bike or a rugged flat-bar commuter. It’s made of strong Alpha Silver Aluminium and is quick and capable on pavement, gravel and singletrack alike.

What is the difference between Trek Marlin 5 and 7?

The Trek Marlin 5 and Marlin 7 are both 27.5″ / 29″ aluminum frame hardtail crosscountry bikes with modest components. The Marlin 5 has higher gearing, while the Marlin 7 has a better fork.

Does the Trek Marlin 7 have hydraulic brakes?

The tech you get A light frame with internal shift cable and brake hose cable routing, a smoother-feeling RockShox Judy fork with a lockout, Shimano hydraulic disc brakes and Bontrager wheels.

Which Trek Marlin is best value?

The Trek Marlin 6 is a great bike if you’re on a tighter budget. It’s built with best quality components and also equipped with features like rack and fender mounts that make it a great choice for daily commuters. The bike is an excellent choice and definitely worth buying.

Is Trek Marlin 7 a trail bike?

Review Of Trek Marlin 7 (2022) Trek Marlin 7 is the flagship model from the Marlin lineup. This is a race-ready trail bike that doubles as a daily commuter or a leisure two-wheeler. Thanks to its attractive price, it will find its way into the hands of a variety of adventure-hungry riders.

What year is a Trek 7200?

Trek 7200 is a lightweight hybrid bike that combines comfort and performance. The model was launched in 2001 and discontinued in 2010. But still, there is enough stock to serve the current market. This 24-speed bike inclines more towards mountain bikes in terms of features, making it best for roads that are not smooth.

What size is a Trek 7200 bike?

Sizing up the Wheels The Trek 7200 offers a variety of sizes, including the 15, 17.5, and 20. 22.5, and 25 inch models.