What are goals for dementia patients?

Some of the goals identified are generally applicable for dementia patients and their caregivers: low caregiver strain, management of behavioral symptoms, avoidance of pain and depression, as much functional independence as possible, and eventually dying with dignity.

What are the three main goals of therapeutic care for clients with Alzheimer’s disease?

Treatment typically comprises three interrelated approaches:

  • 1.) Slowing the progression:
  • 2.) Managing the behavioral symptoms of Alzheimer’s:
  • 3.) Support and education for the family and caregiver:

Why is Occupational Therapy important for dementia patients?

Because Alzheimer’s is a continual loss of cognitive function, primarily including memory problems, it begins to impact an older adult’s daily life and activities. Occupational therapy is a non-pharmacological dementia intervention that helps manage the symptoms of Alzheimer’s dementia.

Which would be the priority goal for a client with dementia?

Most often, the goals focused on improving quality of life for the person with dementia, followed by caregiver support goals (goals that help reduce caregiver stress or make caregiving as easy as possible).

What three skills are most essential for dealing with clients who have dementia?

‘Empathy and time to talk, tactile skills, patience and kindness are the real skills which work,’ adds Mr Makin. Mental health nurses work with relatives as well as a team of professionals to plan care for a resident with dementia.

What is occupational therapy for dementia?

Occupational therapists evaluate persons with dementia to determine their strengths, impairments, and performance areas needing intervention (Schaber & Lieberman, 2010). Although remediation of cognitive performance is unlikely, the person may demonstrate improved function through compensation or adaptation.

How effective is occupational therapy for dementia?

Community occupational therapy is a highly effective non-pharmacological therapy for older people with dementia and their care givers and not only improves the daily functioning of older people with dementia and their care givers’ sense of competence9 but also improves the quality of life, mood, and health status of …

What interventions can be used to support patients with dementia?


  • Pharmacological (Drug-Interventions)
  • Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST)
  • Reminiscence Therapy.
  • Validation Therapy.
  • Reality Orientation.
  • Physical Exercise.
  • Multisensory Stimulation: Snoezelen Rooms.
  • Aromatherapy.

How can I help someone with Alzheimer’s remember?

How to Help Alzheimer’s Patients Remember?

  1. Establish A Schedule or Routines.
  2. Triggering Positive Memories.
  3. Use a Diary or a Calendar.
  4. Medication Reminder Box.
  5. Reminder Apps.
  6. Sticky Notes.
  7. Keep a Journal.
  8. Get the Newspaper.

What is a short term goal for dementia?

Some commonly chosen goals for the person with dementia included: Maintaining physical safety. Continuing to live at home. Receiving medical care related to dementia. Avoiding hospitalization.