What are the 5 largest drainage basins in the world?

The five largest river basins (by area), from largest to smallest, are the basins of the Amazon (7M km2), the Congo (4M km2), the Nile (3.4M km2), the Mississippi (3.22M km2), and the Río de la Plata (3.17M km2).

What is the biggest drainage basin in the world?

The Amazon Basin
The Amazon Basin, in northern South America, is the largest in the world. The Amazon River and all of its tributaries drain an area more than 7 million square kilometers (about 3 million square miles).

Which is the second largest drainage basin in the world?

Largest Drainage Basins in the World

Rank Basin Area (Kilometres Squared)
1 Atlantic Ocean 69,800,000
2 Arctic Ocean 23,100,000
3 Pacific Ocean 20,300,000
4 Indian Ocean 19,400,000

What are the 5 drainage basins?

Drainage basins are defined by topographical features, called drainage divides, which determine the direction the water flows. Canada has six major drainage basins: the Arctic, Pacific, Western Hudson Bay and Mississippi, South and East Hudson Bay, Great Lakes–St Lawrence and Atlantic.

How many drainage basins are there in the world?

Rivers form a hydrological mosaic, with an estimated 263 international river basins covering 45.3% of the land surface area of the earth, excluding Antarctica. This graphic shows the locations of 26 of the world’s major river basins.

Is the largest drainage system of India?

The Ganga basin covers about 8.6 lakh sq. km area in India alone. The Ganga river system is the largest in India having a number of perennial and non-perennial rivers originating in the Himalayas in the north and the Peninsula in the south, respectively. The Son is its major right bank tributary.

Which is the largest drainage basin in India?

The Ganga basin
There are 20 river basins/draining areas, large and small, in India. The Ganga basin is the largest.

Which river has largest basin in India?

Which is the third largest basin in India?

The Second largest river basin is that of Godavari and the third is being the Krishna basin.

How many basins are there in India?

India has 26 sedimentary basins covering an area of 3.14 million square kilometres.

Which is the smallest river basin in India?

The Avari River
The Avari River, the smallest or shortest river in India, has the smallest river basin in the country. The river basin spread across an area of 492 square kilometers in the state of Rajasthan.