What are the proper procedures for clearing the M249?

Clearing procedures for the M249 Machine Gun

  • Moves the safety to the fire “F” position by pushing it to the left until the red ring is visible.
  • With his right hand, palm up, pulls the cocking handle to the rear, locking the bolt in place.

What are the characteristics of the M249?

The M249 Squad Automatic Weapon, or SAW, is an individually portable, gas operated, magazine or disintegrating metallic link-belt fed, light machine gun with fixed headspace and quick change barrel feature. The M249 engages point targets out to 800 meters, firing the improved NATO standard 5.56mm cartridge.

What is M249 used for?

The M249 SAW is used to engage dismounted infantry, crew-served weapons, antitank guided missile (ATOM) teams, and thin-skinned vehicles. The SAW has become the standard automatic rifle of the infantry squad and has proven useful with the changing of the M16 to a three round burst weapon.

How does an M249 SAW work?

It fires from an open bolt and is gas operated. When the trigger is pulled, the bolt and bolt carrier move forward under the power of the recoil spring. A cartridge is stripped from the belt, chambered, and discharged, sending a bullet down the bore.

What TM covers the M249?

Record Details

Pub/Form Number TC 3-22.249
Unit Of Issue(s) BK PDF
Pub/Form IDN 115879
Pub/Form PIN 201601

Which of the following are characteristics of the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon select all that apply?

Characteristics of the M-249 Squad Automatic Weapon

  • Primary Function – Infantry weapon, basis of firepower for a fire team.
  • Length – 41 inches.
  • Weight – 17 pounds.
  • Muzzle Velocity – 3,000 FPS.
  • Maximum Effective Range- 1,000 meters.
  • Maximum Range- 3,600 meters.
  • Rate of Fire:

Is the M249 a good weapon?

The M249 SAW was well liked for its rate of fire. In both the automatic rifle and light machinegun roles, the M249 SAW was effective against personnel targets from 20 meters out to 600 meters. It was considerably less effective against vehicle targets. The 100-round soft pack was universally praised.

What is the damage of M249?

Assault Rifles and LMG damage stats:

Weapon Base Damage DPS
M249 45 600
Groza 49 612.5
Beryl M762 47 547
AUG A3 43 502

What FM covers M249?

Although the M249 MG is described here as a machine gun, it also plays the role of the automatic rifleman. This FM or chapter supersedes FM 23-14, which describes the M249 MG in the automatic rifle role. This chapter also describes the weapon and the types of ammunition in detail and provides a table of general data.

What is the difference between M240 and M249?

RE: M240 Vs M249 M240 is an M-60 replacement, fires 7.62 where as the M249 fires the 5.56, AKA Squad Automatic Weapon.

When was the M249 used?

M249 light machine gun

Machine Gun, 5.56 mm, M249
Place of origin Belgium (FN Minimi) United States (M249 derivative)
Service history
In service 1984–present
Used by United States of America United States Armed Forces U.S. Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) Lebanon