What countries compete in rugby?


  • NEW ZEALAND. The world’s premier rugby nation.
  • AUSTRALIA. Hailing from Australia, the Wallabies are the All Blacks’ next-door neighbours.
  • ITALY.

Which country is famous for rugby?

South Africa is without a doubt the continent’s most competitive rugby nation, but the sport has been growing in many African countries in recent years. Africa is home to almost 650,000 registered rugby players in 23 countries, many of which are becoming more competitive on the international scene.

How many types of rugby are there?

There are two main types of rugby: rugby league and rugby union. The one that’ll be played at the World Cup is rugby union. Two teams play in an 80-minute match and use an oval ball to try to score more points than the other team.

Does China play rugby?

Rugby union in China is a growing sport; however, it is still not overly popular. China became affiliated to the International Rugby Board in 1997 and as of 1 July 2019, its women’s XV side was ranked 24th and its men’s XV side 80th in the world.

Where is rugby union most popular?

In 2016, the total number of registered players increased from 2.82 million to 3.2 million while the total number of non-registered rugby players rose from 4.91 million to 5.3 million. South Africa has the most registered players with 651,146 and England the most players overall with 2,139,604.

Is rugby popular in Japan?

Rugby union in Japan is a moderately popular sport. Japan has the fourth largest population of rugby union players in the world and the sport has been played there for over a century. There are 125,000 Japanese rugby players, 3,631 official rugby clubs, and the Japan national team is ranked 10th in the world.

Which country has biggest rugby?

Is rugby union or league better?

The main reason rugby league is the better sport is the speed of the game. In union, the game is slowed down completely for rucks and scrum resets. In league there is constantly fast flowing rugby, where sometimes the game can last 20+ minutes without the ball going out of play.

Does India play rugby?

India is World Rugby Rankings rated 77th in the rugby playing nations as of May 2016. The IRFU has 24,010 registered players, 7,160 of whom are female. This is their highest ranking ever….

Rugby union in India
Registered players 57,000
Clubs 96

What do they call American football in China?

Chinese National Football League
The Chinese National Football League (CNFL), previously known as American Football League of China (AFLC) is an American-rules football organization in China.

Is rugby popular in Germany?

Rugby is booming in Germany – among top athletes and in sports clubs. Admittedly, most people think of New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Great Britain, Ireland or France when they hear the word rugby. Germany does not have a reputation as a traditional rugby-playing nation, as football outshines everything else.