What do you know about seaoil?

SEAOIL Philippines, Inc. is proudly a FILIPINO company that shares and understands every Filipino’s hopes for the future: a better economy, the youth achieving their dreams, a healthy environment. As an organization, SEAOIL gives conscious effort to do its part in the nation’s path towards success.

Is seaoil an international?

Our Companies The Company’s customers were domestic and international. The Company supplied fuels as high speed diesel oil, fuel oil, and lubricants.

Who owns Sea oil?

Francis L. Yu
Francis L. Yu, founder of SEAOIL Philippines, Inc.

How much is seaoil franchise?

Franchise Fee: PHP 392,000. Investment Capital: PHP 3m.

What Incorporated seaoil?

SEAOIL is the largest independent fuel company in the Philippines. Since its inception in 1997, they have become one of the leading fuel companies in the country, with over 500 stations nationwide.

What is difference between crude oil and petroleum?

Crude oil is refined, and its components are mainly used as fuels for automobile, machinery, etc. What is the difference between Crude Oil and Petroleum? The mixture of crude oil and natural gases is known as petroleum. Natural gases are dissolved in crude oil, to make petroleum.

Is crude oil same as petroleum?

Petroleum is a broad category that includes both crude oil and petroleum products. The terms oil and petroleum are sometimes used interchangeably.

Is it profitable to own a gas station?

Like any other business, a gas station can generate profit if it is well-run and in a good location. However, it can be labor-intensive. Also, your profit will depend on factors, such as fuel price, road construction, and more, which are things you cannot control.

How much is the franchise of Shell in Philippines?

Able to invest average Php 10-12 Million initial capital for a station. No Franchise Fees.

Who is the owner of Petron?

San Miguel Corporation
SEA Refinery Corporation
Petron Corporation/Parent organizations