What does Foundation with endorsement mean?

The Foundation Program is a base plan consisting of 22 credits. Students then select from five endorsements: Multidisciplinary Studies, STEM, Business and Industry, Public Service, and Arts and Humanities and complete credits to satisfy individual endorsement criteria.

What are the 5 endorsement options in the state of Texas?


  • Students can choose from 5 endorsement areas.
  • Multi-Disciplinary Studies (one of the following)
  • Arts and Humanities (one of the following)
  • Public Service (one of the following)
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)
  • Business and Industry (one of the following or a combination of areas)
  • How many endorsements offer a program of study pathway?

    A student’s endorsement should help them explore a career path, gain knowledge, and ultimately feel more prepared to enter their desired career! There are five endorsements that students can earn: STEM, public service, business and industry, arts and humanities, and multidisciplinary studies.

    Do colleges look at endorsements?

    While still taking all graduation requirements at the appropriate level, the Endorsement facilitates purposeful course planning in the development of student interest and demonstrates to colleges a student’s commitment to a particular area of study.

    Can a student earn more than one endorsement?

    2. Can a student earn more than one endorsement? Yes. A district must allow a student to enroll in courses under more than one endorsement before the student’s junior year.

    How many endorsements are there in Texas?

    Five Endorsements
    As part of the Foundation Graduation Plan, Texas middle schoolers are required to declare an endorsement that will influence their path of study in high school.

    What is school Foundation plan?

    The foundation plan is a plan view drawing, in section, showing the location and size of footings, piers, columns, foundation walls, and supporting beams. The foundation plan is drawn from information presented on the floor plan, plot plan, and elevation plan drawings.

    Can I use only foundation for makeup?

    Apply foundation only where you need coverage—not all over your face. The purpose of foundation is not, in fact, to cover up every square inch of your face like a mask. It’s really only meant to be used where you actually NEED it.

    What does FHSP distinguished mean?

    The distinguished level of achievement is earned when requirements such as a certain number of credits in mathematics, including Algebra II, and science are completed and an endorsement is earned. The category “no endorsement declared” includes students who have opted out of earning an endorsement.

    What is the foundation graduation plan in Texas?

    The Foundation High School Program (FHSP), along with EOC assessments, will make up the basic requirements for graduation. The FHSP requires students to complete a minimum of 22 credits including courses in English, Math, Social Studies, Science, World Languages, Fine Arts, and Physical Education.

    What is an example of endorsement?

    In a more general context, an endorsement is an act of saying or showing that you agree with or support something or someone; the endorser may or may not be compensated. For example, a WNBA basketball player may endorse a pair of Nike-brand shoes in a commercial.

    How many credits do you need to get an endorsement?

    Course endorsement Students will gain an endorsement for a course if, in a single school year, they achieve 14 or more credits at Merit or Excellence, with at least 3 of these credits from externally assessed standards and 3 credits from internally assessed standards.