What does Kamina say?

Kamina’s catch phrase, “Just who the hell do you think I am?” (Ore wo dare da to omotte yagaru?/俺を誰と思ってやがる?) has been said by many of the show’s characters. Simon was the first to start saying it, followed by Kittan, and eventually every single protagonist present during the final battle.

What were Kaminas last words?

—Kamina’s last words to Simon, before dying for good. Manly Tears were shed after these words were uttered. “My bro is dead. He’s gone!

What does Kamina say to Simon?

“When I feel weak, or when I lack self-confidence, I remember Simon’s back as he dug tirelessly. I wanted to become a man who’s back would never break. That’s what I thought.” – Kamina.

What is spiral power?

Spiral Power (螺旋の力, Rasen no Chikara) is the primary power source of all Spiral beings and primary theme of Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann. Not only is it the basis of strength for the main characters and all of mankind, but it is presented as a philosophy and a model of physics. Advertisement.

Is Kamina main character?

Kamina is a main character in the anime series Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

Is Kamina still alive?

Kamina died in episode 8 and reappeared in episode 26, although in completely different character.

Who does Simon like in Gurren Lagann?

Over the seven-year timeskip, the relationship continued to develop, leading to Simon’s marriage proposal to Nia in the first episode post-times kip, which Nia initailly refused, though she quickly accepted after being told about the specifics of marriage by Kiyoh and Kiyal.

How many volumes of Gurren Lagann are there?

Gurren Lagann

天元突破グレンラガン (Tengen Toppa Guren Ragan)
Volumes 4
Developer Konami
Publisher Konami

Who are the spirals?

Spirals or Spiral Beings are entities that contain the energy of evolution or “Spiral Power”. Spiral Power can be within life forms with helical DNA or even in galaxies in a spiral. Spiral Power amplifies a spiral person’s potential infinitely and causes them to be blindly driven towards their goals.

What is spiral nemesis?

The Spiral Nemesis (スパイラル・ネメシス, Supairaru Nemeshisu?) is a theoretical apocalyptic event involving the overuse of Spiral Power. Despite never occurring in the series proper, it serves as the driving force of the entire series, as the Anti-Spiral acted to prevent it.

Is Kamina alive?

Kamina died in episode 8 and reappeared in episode 26, although in completely different character. Simon, under the influence of the Anti-Spirals, witnesses visions of a false childhood where Kamina eggs Simon on to drill into banks and jewelry shops to steal valuables for him.