What golf ball compression should I use?

A 70 compression ball should be used by a golfer whose club head speed with their driver is 70 mph, an 80 compression ball should be used by a golfer with an 80 mph club head speed, 90 with 90 and 100 with 100. In addition, keep in mind that temperature affects golf ball compression.

Is an 85 compression golf ball good?

Answer: A golfer should use a lower compression ball if their swing speed with their driver is 85mph or less, a medium compression ball if their swing speed is between 85 mph to 105 mph, and a higher compression ball, if their swing speed is higher, is 105 mph or more.

What compression is a Pro V1 golf ball?

The three-piece Pro V1 still has a compression around 90 and its 352-dimple cover pattern helps to produce lower-spinning, lower-flying shots off the tee and with long irons.

Should I use 90 or 100 compression golf balls?

Select the compression rating for your golf ball. For golfers with a high swing speed that can carry their drives more than 240 yards in the air, compression ratings over 100 are appropriate. For those with slower swing speeds, compression ratings between 80 and 90 are a suitable selection.

Is a 50 compression golf ball good?

For senior golfers wanting distance over and above feel and spin, then this is the ball to play. The compression at 50 is higher than the SuperSoft at 38. Lower spin characteristics favor distance over greenside control. Durability is good and the ball can be used for several rounds.

What golf ball is 75 compression?

The Callaway Chrome soft sports a 75 compression rating (same as the Srixon Q-Star Tour above) but Callaway says that the combination of a soft cover and larger core give this ball an even softer feel that might be perfect for seniors or players with slower swing speeds.

What is a good medium compression golf ball?

Top 5 Medium Compression Golf Balls

  • TaylorMade Project (a)
  • Srixon Q-Star.
  • Titleist Velocity.
  • Callaway Diablo.
  • Titleist DT Solo.

What golf ball is 80 compression?


Golf Ball Layers Compression
Cut Blue 4 High (90)
Cut Grey 3 Medium (80)
Cut Red 2 Low (60)
Cut Matte 3 Low (65)

What compression is Callaway SuperSoft?

Whilst most golf balls on the market have a compression of 70 to 100, the Callaway Supersoft measures at a compression of 38. With an ultra-low compression like that, Callaway say the two-piece Super Soft ball can help improve accuracy and distance for players with slower swing speeds.

What is the compression of Callaway chrome soft?

2020 Callaway Chrome Soft – Compression On our gauge, the average compression of the 2020 Callaway Chrome Soft is 75. Across the ball market as a whole, the Chrome Soft can be considered a mid-compression ball.

What compression are Callaway supersoft golf balls?

around 38
As is implied in the name, the Callaway 2021 Supersoft golf balls have a very low compression rating of around 38. This allows golfers with slow swing speeds to compress the ball sufficiently for optimal energy transfer.

What is Titleist Velocity compression?

With that, the distance-first architecture on Velocity utilizes a high-compression, 1.550-inch LSX core and reconstructed NaZ+ cover.