What is a bridge table in Obiee?

You can limit the number of records in the bridge table by predefining groups and forcing each fact record to fit in one of these predefined groups. To perform this design, you create a bridge table (assignment in 11g) and use the join property of the Logical Table Source.

What is Obiee interview questions?

Basic Interview Questions

  • Compare OBIEE & Tableau.
  • Explain the Architecture of OBIEE 11g and function of each components?
  • How we can extract sql from OBIEE for reports?
  • How can you sort in Reports in OBIEE 11g?
  • How we can do different types of narrative Reports in OBIEE?
  • How will you create Interactive Dashboards?

What is implicit fact column in Obiee?

To guide OBIEE in the best choice, you need to select a fact attribute (measure) as an implicit fact column. The implicit fact column is used for queries that only select dimension attributes (no facts) from two or more dimensions.

How does Obiee architecture work?

How OBIEE System Actually Works? The initial request from the end user is sent to the Presentation server. The Presentation server converts this request in logical SQL and forwards it to BI server component. BI server converts this into physical SQL and sends it to database to get the required result.

What are bridge tables?

In dimensional modelling, a bridge table is a table which connects a fact table to a dimension, in order to bring the grain of the fact table down to the grain of the dimension.

What is the function of bridge table?

A bridge table is used to bridge the gap between a fact table and a dimension at a lower grain.

What is writeback in Obiee?

“Writeback” – presenting an Answers interface so that users can update data in database tables or insert new rows – first appeared in version 7.8. 4. To use OBIEE’s writeback capabilities, there are several set up steps.

What is Obiee tool?

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) is a Business Intelligence (BI) tool by Oracle Corporation. Its proven architecture and common infrastructure producing and delivering enterprise reports, scorecards, dashboards, ad-hoc analysis, and OLAP analysis provides a rich end-user experience.

What is logical table source in Obiee?

Logical table sources define the mappings from a single logical table to one or more physical tables. A logical table contains one or more logical table source. The mapping between physical columns and logical columns are done in this element.

What is an implicit fact?

Scripturally implicit facts are things that the reader needs to know to understand the text but aren’t included in the text at all; rather, the reader is expected to apply prior knowledge of the subject to understand the material.

Why is OBIEE used?

OBIEE enables IT organizations to define a single, logical view of all enterprise data – whether in a single data warehouse or across multiple operational and analytic sources – and provide business users with new levels of self-sufficiency to access, interact with, and utilize this information to increase …