What is a FK506 blood test?

The tacrolimus blood test is ordered to measure tacrolimus blood levels for use in patients receiving this drug. Buy LabCorp: $139.00. Test Code: 700248. Also Known As: FK506; Prograf; Protopic.

What is tacrolimus test used for?

This test measures the amount of tacrolimus in the blood. Tacrolimus is an immunosuppressive drug that is given orally or intravenously to patients who have had a kidney, liver, heart, or other organ transplant. It is a powerful drug that helps to prevent rejection of the transplanted organ by the body.

What is a normal FK506 level?

The therapeutic range for whole blood tacrolimus is between 10-20 ng/mL whereas for plasma the patients were maintained between 0.5-2.0 ng/mL .

What is FK506 used for?

FK506 (Prograf) is a new immunosuppressive agent, recently approved for use in solid organ transplants. The first use of FK506 was for the indication of refractory liver allograft rejection. This revealed a marked ability to reverse ongoing rejection, even in cases where chronic changes were observed.

What causes low tacrolimus levels?

*Conclusions: Low tacrolimus trough levels (<3.5 ng / ml), are related to changes of brands and greater variability of the trough levels. These trough levels are related to acute rejection and short-term creatinine duplication.

What does it mean if your tacrolimus level is high?

The level of tacrolimus in the blood must be maintained within a narrow therapeutic range. If the concentration is too low, organ rejection may occur; if it is too high, then the person may experience symptoms associated with toxicity.

What happens if tacrolimus level is high?

Tacrolimus may cause your blood pressure to increase. You may be required to check your blood pressure periodically and/or take another medication to control your blood pressure.

What if my tacrolimus level is high?

Are cyclosporine and tacrolimus the same?

Tacrolimus and cyclosporine differ in their chemical structure: cyclosporine is a cyclic endecapeptide [8], whereas tacrolimus is a macrocyclic lactone [9]. However, they act in a similar manner. Both are calcineurin inhibitors; their main mechanism of action involves inhibition of this important phosphatase [1].

What are side effects of tacrolimus?

Common side effects may include:

  • low blood cell counts, infections;
  • fever;
  • nausea, diarrhea, constipation, stomach pain;
  • weakness, pain;
  • fluid around your heart;
  • tremors;
  • headache;
  • cough, breathing problems;

Is tacrolimus a high risk drug?

Tacrolimus is a very strong medicine. It can cause side effects that can be very serious, such as kidney problems. It may also decrease the body’s ability to fight infections. You and your doctor should talk about the benefits of this medicine as well as the risks of using it.