What is a Maya rig?

Rigging in Maya is used to give control points to the animator from which the animation can be done. As the actual polygons are not touched, but the controls are used for animation, and to create these controls, we rig the model.

What is FK and IK in Maya?

Basic FK/IK switching theory – Maya Tutorial Now just as a refresher, FK stands for forward kinematics. And what that means is that you rotate the joints to get them into position. IK on the other hand, allows you to just move an end effector, and then the joints point towards that end effector.

Which is better IK or FK?

Ask yourself who needs to be in charge – the hand or the body. Use FK if you want the hand and arm rig to be influenced by the movement of the body. Use IK if you want the hand to dominate.

What is IK FK switch in Maya?

Ik Blend lets you switch between posing and animating with pure FK or pure IK, as well as control the blend between the two kinds of animation. See Ik Blend. Posing and animating a joint chain with both FK and IK changes the way the joints and bones are displayed in your scene view.