What is a wind scoop used for?

A windcatcher (wind tower, wind scoop) (Persian: بادگیر, Arabic: برجيل) is a traditional architectural element used to create cross ventilation and passive cooling in buildings. Windcatchers come in various designs: unidirectional, bidirectional, and multidirectional.

What is a boat wind scoop?

Cruising Solutions’ Breeze Bandit is a unique breeze-catching wind scoop designed to catch the wind –regardless of the wind direction– and redirect it down through your boat’s hatch to cool your cabin on those sweltering summer nights.

How do dorade vents work?

Dorade boxes operate on the principle that air can pass relatively freely through the chambers, yet rain or sea wash will be trapped in successive chambers and drain out the small holes in the sides of the box. The principle can be applied to other forms.

What makes a sailboat a sloop?

A sloop is a sailboat with a single mast typically having only one headsail in front of the mast and one mainsail aft of (behind) the mast.

How does a dorade work?

Why are dorade vents red?

One theory is that the cowl vents used to let light out and the red color kept the white light from affecting night vision.

What does Dorade fish taste like?

Dorade is a small fish with tender white flesh, shimmering silver skin and, when grilled or braised, a rich, succulent, meaty flavor, similar to that of pompano or red snapper.

What is a Bermuda rigged sailboat?

A Bermuda rig, also called a Marconi rig, is a fore-and-aft rig that uses a triangular mainsail. The sail is usually attached to a boom at its foot. It has a number of variations. Due to the physics of the wind, the tall thin sails of the Bermudian rigs have more power sailing into the wind than other types.

Are ketches faster than sloops?

A sloop is generally faster and sails closer to the wind. Sloops have fewer sails than ketches to buy and maintain. With a sloop, there is less standing and running rigging with one mast, which means there is less to manage and maintain overall.

How does a dorade vent work?

Does Dorado have bones?

Dorado is a delicately flavoured line fish sometimes referred to as the chicken of the sea, it is light and flakey with no bones making for easy eating.