What is ACC Responsible Care?

ACC’s Responsible Care® Awards Program recognizes chemical industry leaders that have made an exceptional commitment to EHS&S performance, sustainability and sound chemicals management. In 2021, ACC recognized the following member and Partner companies through the Responsible Care Awards Program.

What is the meaning of responsible caring?

Responsible care means that companies should work to secure the environmental, safety, and health aspects of their corporate activities from the development of chemical substances through production, distribution, usage, final consumption, disposal, and recycling.

What is Responsible Care Code?

Responsible Care® Codes Of Practices These codes do not dictate how a company should operate. Instead, they are performance objectives that encourage commitment, innovation and continual improvement in all stages of the chemical manufacturing process.

How many codes are defined in Responsible Care?

Responsible Care 7 Codes of management practice. Each Code has certain characteristics for compliance, which are based upon 4 elements i.e. management, technology, facilities, and people-related attributes.

What is the aim of Responsible Care program?

Responsible Care® is a voluntary commitment by the global chemical industry to drive continuous improvement and achieve excellence in environmental, health and safety and security performance.

What do members of the chemical Manufacturers Association pledge in the Responsible Care program?

What do members of the Chemical Manufacturers Association pledge in the Responsible Care program? The members pledge to manufacture without causing environmental damage.

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What is the aim of responsible care program?

Why was Responsible Care created?

The Responsible Care® Global Charter creates and fosters a common global vision to improve the environmental, health and safety performance of chemical producers by uniting the commitment of more than 580 CEOs of leading chemical companies.

Why Is Responsible Care?

The implementation of Responsible Care within the company: Diminishes the risks of environmental, health and safety failures. Optimises operational conditions and company performance. Improves the image and reputation of your company towards the employees, authorities, customers and general public.

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