What is an open Spelter socket?

The AqualLine Open Spelter Socket consists of a cylindrical base end for better clamping and alignment of the rope. The bottom part of the cone is reinforced, which leads to a higher MBL. They contain a non-rotating device that prevents rotating and backing out of the cone during transport and assembly.

What is a closed Spelter socket?

Closed spelter socket 382R. Based on the nominal breaking strength of the steel wire rope, up to 100 percent of the breaking force can be transmitted with closed spelter sockets. They are often used in combination with open spelter sockets 381R. Painted or hot-dip galvanised finish.

What is wire rope socket?

Wire rope sockets are used to attach wire ropes to a fixed point. Some of these applications include Anchoring systems for tubes & pipes, Anchor Wires, Lifting Cables, Offshore Mooring Leg Wires, Towing Cables or Fastening cables for construction purposes (Bridges, etc…).

What is a super lock socket?

Description. Super lock sockets which are very handy for removing stubborn worn or rusty nuts and bolts. The more pressure you put on them the more they will grip the nut or bolt. Manufactured from Chrome Vanadium. These also have knurled ring which greatly helps to grip them when they have grease and oil on them.

What is the use of spelter?

An inexpensive alloy that is easily cast and worked, spelter was used from the 1860s in the manufacture of candlesticks, clock cases, tableware, and light fixtures.

How much is spelter worth?

To test for spelter, scratch the base of the piece. Bronze is solid; spelter will show a silvery scratch.” Berkove’s works, which Fedorowicz dated to about 1900, also have some patina issues, the appraiser said, which lowers the value even more, estimating their value at about $100 each, or $200 for the pair.

How do wire rope clamps work?

Wire rope clips can be used to form a load bearing eye at the end of a cable or wire rope, or to connect two cables together with a lap splice. Wire rope clips are popular because they can be installed in the field and provide 80-90% efficiency of the rope breaking strength, depending on the diameter of the wire rope.