What is blue coat PacketShaper?

Blue Coat PacketShaper is a cloud-connected network management appliance that combines on-box application discovery with web content and web threat visibility powered by Blue Coat WebPulseâ„¢.

What is PacketShaper?

What is PacketShaper? It is an application-intelligent traffic management system which delivers predictable, efficient performance for applications running over the WAN and the Internet. It is able to detect and classify automatically an extensive collection of applications and protocols.

What is Symantec PacketShaper?

Symantec PacketShaper helps enterprises to control bandwidth cost, deliver a superior user experience and align network resources with business priorities. It is an indispensable tool that network administrators rely on to effectively manage their network efficiency and application performance.

How do I turn off PacketShaper?

Before proceeding to rack-mounting the appliance, log in to the PacketShaper CLI and perform a graceful shutdown of the appliance.

  1. To perform a graceful shutdown:
  2. a. Log in to the PacketShaper CLI (see Step 4).
  3. b. Enter: shutdown.

What is traffic shaping Cisco?

Traffic shaping allows you to control the traffic going out an interface in order to match its flow to the speed of the remote target interface and to ensure that the traffic conforms to policies contracted for it.

How does Traffic Shaping work?

A traffic shaper works by delaying metered traffic such that each packet complies with the relevant traffic contract. Metering may be implemented with, for example, the leaky bucket or token bucket algorithms (the former typically in ATM and the latter in IP networks).

What is the difference between traffic shaping and QoS?

What is traffic shaping used for? Traffic shaping is a quality of service (QoS) technique that is configured on network interfaces to allow higher-priority traffic to flow at optimal levels even when the link becomes overutilized.

What is the difference between traffic policing and traffic shaping?

Traffic policing is a mechanism which monitors the traffic in any network. Traffic Shaping is a congestion control mechanism that brings delays in packets.

What is the difference between QoS and traffic shaping?

This means that the benefits of QoS are expanded with the ability to dynamically allocate bandwidth where it’s needed and unlike QoS, Traffic Shaping is able to do this by detecting the application not simply the port that the application is running on.