What is fluidized bed coater?

Fluid Bed Coaters are used in coating materials by the fluid bed technology. With fluid bed coating, particles are fluidized and the coating fluid sprayed on and dried. Small droplets and a low viscosity of the spray medium ensure an even product coating.

What is fluidized bed powder coating?

In fluidized bed powder coating, heated parts are either dipped directly into a container of fluidized powder or passed through an electrically charged cloud of powder, which is created above a container of fluidized powder.

What is fluidized bed method?

The usual way to achieve a fluidize bed is to pump pressurized fluid into the particles. The resulting medium then has many properties and characteristics of normal fluids, such as the ability to free-flow under gravity, or to be pumped using fluid technologies. The resulting phenomenon is called fluidization.

How does a fluidized bed dryer work?

A fluid bed dryer works on a principle of fluidization of the materials. In the fluidization process, hot air or gas flow is introduced through the bed of solid particulates. This gas or air will move upwards through the spaces between the particles.

How does a fluidized bed boiler work?

Fluidized-bed boilers are the most common type of boiler recommended for biomass fuel, which is burned within a hot bed of inert particles, typically sand. The fuel-particle mix is suspended by an upward flow of combustion air within the bed. As velocities increase the gas/solid mix exhibits fluid-like properties.

What is fluidized powder?

So what is fluidizing? Basically… it is using air to turn powder into a ‘liquid’ state. A good fluidizing hopper will often have the appearance of a simmering pot of stew.

How does a fluid bed granulator work?

The fluid bed granulation process (also known as agglomeration) involves suspending particles in an air stream and spraying a liquid from the top of the system down onto the fluidized bed (top-down spray). Particles in the path of the spray get slightly wet and become sticky.

What is fluidized bed dryer?

Fluidized bed dryer (also called fluid bed dryer) is a kind of equipment used extensively in the pharmaceutical industries to reduce the moisture content of pharmaceutical powder and granules. The equipment works on a principle of fluidization of the feed materials.

What is a fluidized hopper?

Hopper Feed – Powder is poured into a hopper, where it becomes suspended in air to allow for easier transfer outwards to the spray gun. Certain powders work better in a fluidized hopper, such as metallics.

What is thermoplastic powder coating?

Thermoplastic coatings are part of our everyday life. They are the thick and resilient coatings you can find on refrigerator shelves or clothes drying racks, but they are far more than that. They provide excellent corrosion protection and weathering resistance.